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    Advice Please

    I had an offer from DG of £776 for my claim which I refused and stated that with my costs, my claim now totalled over £1K as I had petrol, admin costs and court attendance costs (I was at the Mercantile Court, Leeds on 28 June [8 hours] and got a 28 day stay). They've come back to me stating: "As you should be aware, costs are not recoverable in the Small Claims Track. The Civil Procedural Rules part 45 allow for fixed costs of issuing, which in this instance, amount to £80. For the avoidance of doubt, your claim for costs is noted and denied. The CPR sets out strict guidelines in relation to costs in the small claims track which we feel that both parties should strictly adhere to. If you do not concur, we look forward to receiving the legal authority in relation to this portion of your claim. A reasonable offer in a without prejucide basis has been made based upon your claim potential and we consider that our client's offer has been unreasonably rejected. In the event that your claim was to proceed to a hearing, we seek to reserve the right on the part of our client to refer to our previous offer of settlement when the question of costs arises. Our intention in this respect is to bring the court's attention to the fact that a reasonable offer has been made and rejected by you and to make submissions to the Judge on this aspect. Our client therefore remains willing, for the reasons set out in our letter dated 29 June to meet your principal claim, less the statute barred claim, on a without prejudice basis." I don't know if they're bull*****ing me or not. :? Does anybody know if it's worth continuing or I'd be better cutting my losses and running? Thanks in anticipation Angie
  2. Thanks Jenny. I am charging them 8 hours for the court date and 20 hours admin time all at £9.25. My claim is now for over £1k . You're bound to hear something soon (fingers crossed) - A&L surely won't want to be one of the test cases. Take care & lovely to hear from you Angie xx
  3. I received a letter from HSBC solicitors yesterday offering me £756. My claim is for £735. A week earlier, then I would have seriously considered it, but following a full day in court last Thursday, as well as the £80 I had to pay to take them to court and petrol and personal time costs, I am not happy with the offer. I have therefore sent a rejection letter.
  4. The only information useful that I took was all copies of correspondence between myself and the bank and their solicitors as well as copy statements with the charges on. They were handy to be able to give to the rep of the bank who had no paperwork on my case at all!!! Good luck to everybody attending. Hopefully your cases will be settled before you get to the court date, like most for 28 June. Another thing, although it's easy to say now, don't be nervous - it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. I was so nervous I felt sick, but meeting Jenny Barton et al and talking to the others in the same position really helped to alleviate the nerves. Good luck everybody for 29 August. Angie
  5. Polly Poppy, sorry that you weren't successful on Thursday. I know we were all nervous in the court. I was sat behind you at first, next to the infamous Jenny Barton (my new best friend!!!! ). I was also against HSBC, along with Gemma who was sat next but one to you. Lovely to hear from people who were there, it was also great how we all stuck together - a real sense of cameradery. Shame that some of us didn't get our cases settled. I have a 28 day stay as the solicitor representing HSBC didn't even have any info on my case (very poor). He gave Gemma and I a name and telephone no to ring at the solicitors, so I'll be totting everything up this weekend before I ring on Monday. It would have been so much cheaper for them to have settled on Thursday! Will keep you updated of my progress. Take care and good luck to everybody yet to settle. Angie
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