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  1. brassnecked we will take it further with the ombudsman when we have the reply to the SAR and we know what information they have. Our MP is really good and she will get to the bottom of this, I have every faith in her. Thank you so much for your help I really do appreciate it. Nick
  2. an update to this story From the last time I posted 28th January a lot has happend. The police had said they'd viewed the tape then hadn't and so on, I sent a SAR off to the Police from their website and the 40 days were up on the 19th March, nothing back only a letter saying we couldn't view the tape as it was still under investigation. With all the pressure my sister lost her baby at 29 weeks after a visit from the Police, but thats another story. The Police came today with the tape which my mother viewed, it showed absolutely nothing, the Police have dropped the case and it's nothing to do with them and it's official, no crime was committed. I am now ready to sue the supermarket and anyone else. Can anyone please give me any advise please thank you nick
  3. I'll SAR them tomorrow and see what comes from it and keep you all informed. Do you know what I honestly believe to be the case, I think Rossendales have been told by the Council in 08 to cease collection, but because they had already spent time and money they've left it until now to start harrassing to see what they can get. I maybe wrong but it just feels odd, His father phoned them this week to ask them which court it had gone to and they didn't reply. Thank you once again brassnecked, ploddertom and hallowitch for your advise Nick
  4. outlawla I couldn't put a price on it and thank you for your guidence, Neither can i say what I think hallowitch, when i've seen sheer frustration in my son's face that these people don't listen to what he has said. He works with the vulnerable and old in our society for the NHS he doesn;t have time for all of this and to run a 'shop' aswell they've got to be having some sort of laugh, all this was explained to Rossendales and they were shown his bank account to prove his income/job. I know they are only doing their job for the Council but they had ample evidence to go back to the Council and query it, The Council said in 08 that they'd made a mistake and that they would rectify it but clearly haven't. thank you once again outlawla and hallowitch Nick
  5. Hopefully they will wake up and yes that is a worry they could still come demanding lets hope they don't brassnecked Subject Access Request ready to go if all this doesn't work and they still harrass him for the money and I'll make sure that my son takes it further hallowitch All we want is an end to this misery for someone elses debt.
  6. Thinking about it, asking for compensation from Rossendales for all the worry and misery and doing the work they should have done doesn't sound bad, but i wouldn't know where to start has anyone got or could link me to a letter/post, and compensation how much? etc... take a bit of their profits, make them sweat eh! not that it will but it's nice to dream. thank you once again to all that have replied Nick
  7. Thank you hallowitch for that information, will inform his dad, I think they will wait a couple of days and see what transpires, because our MP has asked for Rossendales address too, so she can contact them personally. Thank you once again, Nick
  8. In 08 when this first started, my son and his father went to the address of the shop and enquired in the shop where the owner lived, they were told he lived above the premisses in a flat, Rossendales were told this information and did nothing about this and just went on harrassing my son. Nick
  9. They couldn't, and neither could my son, put a price on all the worry this has caused, bombarded daily sometimes with letters hand delivered. how can this happen? no paper work from court to say it was going to court or been to court. Has it all gone to the right address/ owner of the debt maybe His dad rang local court, appointment in the morning for statutory declaration £25 thank you brassnecked and ploddertom Nick
  10. thank you brassnecked and hallowitch for your reply will do as you have said in posts above. Had replies to emails from the leader of Council and MP who are looking into this matter with urgency, so hopefully things now will get settled and they'll leave him alone after 3 years, but we want it in writing it's over so if they come back in another 3 years we have something to give them. thank you again Nick
  11. Hi brassnecked, thank you so much for your reply, they sent with this letter three more, in the same envelope, advising that the account is with the van baliff who will be attending his dads property with a view to collecting payment in full. Two had same ref. number the third was different ref. number, Will be using this letter if anyone else has any input please feel free. Thank you once again brassnecked Nick
  12. Hi, An update to this situation. Sent a letter to the leader of the Council, copy to Rossendales,local MP and local coucillor asking them to look into this situation and bring an end to it. He also said in the letter it was criminal harrassement and that He was seeking advice asto how to ground an action against the council and their agents [Rossendales] all the above advice He was given. He's had a reply from Rossendales. http://s1183.photobucket.com/albums/x461/padsworthy10/?action=view&current=rosendales.jpg http://s1183.photobucket.com/albums/x461/padsworthy10/?action=view&current=rosendales2.jpg&newest=1 any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you brassnecked, will do this, he thought it was all sorted out as he didn't hear from anyone until Jan this year. Wouldn't he have had rate demands before the baliffs called, the only time he knew anything about this shop/premises was when the baliffs turned up in 08 no demands nothing,
  14. This has been going on since 08. He had a visit from Rossendales, he explained that he didn't own and has never owned the shop,or any other premises he showed the guy his bank account trying to show him the only money coming in was from his job. the guy said he believed it was a mistake and that he wouldn't hear from them again He contacted the council, which he had worked for previously, they said we've probably typed the person's name in [same name as my son] and accidently put your address in, they said they would take it off, this was July 08. He received nothing untill January this year Is there anything he can send to stop these people coming to his father's house and put an end to this.
  15. Hi ploddertom, No he has never owned/leased/rented the premises or any other shop/premises. He lives miles away about 8 miles
  16. Hi ploddertom Yes he did talk to the council but, as you can see it has made no difference, they are still sending letters.
  17. Hi, if anyone can help please do this is for my wife's son. Here is a short version of events, He is being persued by this company for non domestic rates of a shop He does't own and has never owned in his life. He has told this company that he has never owned a shop when they called, to his father's where he lives and they don't seem to take this in. In January he got a letter headed BAILIFF REMOVAL, Magistrates liability order/Distress warrant for unpaid non domestic rates for £335.31. Today he got another letter headed NOTICE OF BAILIFFS ATTENDANCE amount £1934.66. Please if anyone can tell me what to do next I would be greatful and he will be too! thank you
  18. you've been accused by the store of shoplifting/not paying- [YES] in the meantime the store have provided footage to the police-[NO JUST THE IMAGES WE HAVE LEARNED TODAY AS THE POLICE HAVE NOT VIEWED THE CCTV FOOTAGE] who have put your and your mums pictures on their website[YES] and the pictures have also appeared in the local papers [YES THEY GOT THEM OFF THE POLICE WEBSITE AND PUT THEM IN THE PAPER] hope this helps.
  19. hi rebel11, yes sort of, but the police haven't viewed the tape because the store won't give them
  20. no not been arrested at all or cautioned nothing.I'll try and get as much info in a short space. was allerted by txt and phone that my mum 65yr old and I were in the local paper, front page along with others with the headline WANTED. After work went into Police station Police knew nothing about it. We contacted the store they said the police put it on there website it had nothing to do with them,we contacted police who said an accusation had been made by the store [makes sense]. the police said they would view tape [should they have done this before it went on the website] and get back to us. They got back approx 4 days later with the store said it's partly there fault, teller got distracted, partly ours we left without paying,if we pay the £36 they'd forget everything. We would not have left without paying NEVER we went to the fag/lottery counter after shopping, 4 days later we went shopping in the same store and a few days after that.The alleged incident happened on 23/12/2010 it was in the paper on 30/12/2010. Mum rang police everyday they eventually rang back about 6 days later saying they had viewed the tape and that it looked as though this had happened mum was really upset and I was too, police said let me have another look [you either have or haven't seen something] now today mum rang police, as she has everyday and they have said on the file it says that they haven't viewed the tape as the store has not been forthcoming with the tape. If you can help with advise or make anything of this please do Thank you
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