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  1. Thanks Sarah. Have you read of any other cases of people being succesful in getting a second claimed refunded? I haven't been on this site since November when I won my first claim so maybe I need to look at threads to see if anyone has doen this. Moderators can you point me in the right direction please?
  2. I won my case in November 2006 - approx £310. Since then I have calcualted interest and charges at £251. I sent a Mr Dangerfield a letter several months ago but never got any kind of response. It was ony for £30 at that stage. When the claim reached £161 I sent letter number one but then got whalloped with £90 of charges so resent letter number one with new total. After two weeks without a response I sent the next letter threatening court action. I explained int he letter how I thought it was hillarious thatI had waited so long for any kind of reply but when I went overdr
  3. Wow!! Still no reply....i'm impressed. I wonder if you would be so slow in withdrawing any donation I make to the site? I doubt it. I thought I would do this to help others but seems I may be fighting a losing battle. Good luck everybody else and stick with it....
  4. OK my case has been settled please can admin mark with *SETTLED IN FULL* I wasn't expecting any congratulations....uhum! Please can somebody tell me how they closed their MCOL and also how they went about claiming back other charges after they had their original case settled (charges incurred since action)
  5. Hi All, Have been in Florida for the past two weeks and only arrived back on Thursday. After waiting what seemed like a world record amount of time (compared to other people) I won my money back.... I was hoping to get it sooner as I didn't have much to spend on hols but I got it on the last day (after they issued me with two further £30 charges) so at least was able to buy some new clothes at the end. Please can somebody advise me how to close the MCOL? Also what should I do about the two further charges (one of which was taken because the original £30 charge made me overdrawn
  6. Been 9 days now and the MCOL still shows as Issued. Go to Florida tomorrow with literally no spending money.... does anybody know where I can find guitar song sheets?, I am thinking about busking for my breakfast.
  7. Is it worth me sending yet another 'i will accept as partial payment' or just ignore it as my MCOL is not 7 days old and should be acknowledged soon?... or will Halifax hold out until they hear back about my decision?
  8. I got a letter yesterday (Friday) saying blah blah blah you did not accept £70 first offer.... to reach an amicable settlement we will increase this offer to £120 etc etc NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I filed MCOL last Saturday - I was hoping the claim would be acknowledged after 7 days but it hasn't and I'm still getting offered pittance. I go on holiday on Tuesday with litterally no spending money. I'm certain Halifax have been keeping up to date with my thread and will ensure they don't respond until I return from Hols! Pay up!
  9. Has this happened to everybody else with an overdraft? I tried to set a new account up with Alliance and Leicester yesterday - still waiting to hear back but will be on hols when next pay check goes in and Halifax will prob pay out while i'm away too. I will come back from hols with a £1 in my account and over £500 of bounced direct debits/ rent etc ...and then 10 £30 charges for them failing! Yikes ...scary! Another miserable xmas too
  10. Ut oh...they stop your overdraft?? so when i get back from Florida on my next pay day all my wages will be inaccessible (paid off my permanent £1200 OD) ? and all these £1000's of utility bills I have postponed to december will go unpaid... Is this common practice...i knew it was a possibility but has anybody else had overdraft withdrawn. How pathetic and childish of them!!
  11. Thanks Mike, What do people do once they get their money back - do they still visit this site and help or do they become mods themselves? Will you become a lifelong advocate agiant the evil banks?! lol I'm sure I will return and share my new found knowledge if my claim goes through
  12. I mean to the right of where it says issued - it says start, did you have to press start and select from the two options?
  13. Thanks Mike, you replied to my thread whilst i was posting on your thread
  14. CONGRATULATIONS MIKE! go take a long vacation...... I see you waited 9 days from filing the claim to getting your cash back .... I filed mine on Saturday 30 and go to Florida (with no spending money) so fingers crossed they acknowledge mine before Wednesday.... Did the status go from Start to acknowledged?
  15. Still reads 'Start' Please can somebody advise.... I have always been told I have not receieved help in the past because ppl only get help at court stage lol Anybody else done a MCOL?
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