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  1. Its not me, its my sister-in-law. She has no idea if they defaulted her. For better or worse, my feeling is to do a CCA letter to DG only. She believes she may have corresponded with MCS before in relation to the standing order and as such has probably acknowledged that debt.
  2. Good afternoon, all. My sister-in-law has got herself into a bit of a sticky one. She had unsecured loan and overdraft with HSBC. Life went wonky and her account got closed. MCS contacted her about this time last year. She struggled to get payments up and running but eventually got a standing order on the go for £300/mth. Because it was a bit messy getting the SO set-up MCS ran out of patience and passed it over to DG. Whilst the case was being passed to DG her SO started going through - to MCS. She "vaguely recalls" getting something in the post from DG asking her to confirm how much she could afford, to complete a slip and return it to them. She didn't bother because the SO for MCS was up and running and she just hoped that it would all somehow right itself. Out of the blue, yesterday, she got a letter from DG. Its apprently fairly similar to the one she ignored last year save that it says that the "temporary arrangement" has expired and she has to increase her payments. She also says that the balance they are saying is outstanding (£16k) seems way too high (both when taking into account her initial debt with HSBC and all her subsequent repayments). She asked me for advice and I thought of here! She's not trying to avoid her debt but now feels much less confident about the whole scenario and is concerned she might be paying them back forever. I would have thought that job number one is to ask for a statement showing all debits and credits. It strikes me that they should not be charging interest on the outstanding amount as she has never signed a credit agreement with DG (or MCS) but perhaps I am incorrect? Is there any other information, awkward or important questions she needs to raise? The latest letter mentions a "temporary agreement" - she says she has never spoken to/written to DG so no idea what the agreement is. Clearly she can ask for copy correspondence but are there any more pressing questions anyone can think of? It appears that MCS have been passing over her payments to DG (otherwise I'd have thought they would have been on her case much sooner) - is that considered good practice amongst debt collectors? All help very gratefully received.
  3. Thank you. I shall have a gander. Its all very friendly on here isn't it?!?
  4. You, Sir, are a legend and no mistake! Whilst I have the ear of a man of your calibre, may I pose one more? I suspect the HSBC claim will end up with a MCOL like most other HSBC claimants. In those other threads I have seen mention of an 'Allocation Questionaire' (AQ); would you be able to tell me what an AQ is please? Again, many thanks.
  5. I am sorry for troubling you. I have scoured the site, in particular this section, looking for an answer but couldn't find anything definite. I have a HSBC claim approaching the LBA stage at the moment and it occured to me that I have, previously, had two loans from HFC. One was via Courts (now defunct furniture shop) for a sofa and the other was a straight forward loan. I should imagine that on a handful of occasions I would have missed repayments and probably been charged £25 or so for the oversight. Would these be reclaimable in the same way as the 'normal' bank charges from HSBC? Many thanks in advance to anyone able to offer definitive advice and my apologies if this has been asked 4,833,658 times before.
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