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  1. Hi, thought I would update you all so far. I sent request for repyament of charges on 13 September and have heard absolutely nothing. I am now sending letter before action today. Is it crucial to keep to the timescale? I am a busy working mum and have very little access to the internet so letter before action is a few days late. If I don't hear anything from letter before action I will not be able to keep to the timescales with regards to filing a claim in the courts as I am away when the 14 days is up. I do mean business but would this delay hinder me. Thanks for any help
  2. Hi Thank you all for your positive comments. I am now in the process of opening a new bank account - just in case - and I am today sending off my prelim letter. I will keep you up to date.
  3. :-| Have been reading through this site for last 5 hours and have decided it's about time I did something about reclaiming back bank charges. Have been over FAQ and no doubt will refer to them again and again. Before I proceed with SAR is it best to open a new bank account. Any help would be gratefully received.
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