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  1. The car has gone back but we have been told that because we chose to send the car back the price they fetch at auction will not be deducted. Is this right
  2. Hi i really need help. I have been trying to send my car back to Welcome Finance, long story but we have now got to the stage that they are sorting out how much we owe. There are 2 things i need help with . 1. we were struggling to repay the car repayments and told the branch we did not want the car anymore. They told us that they would lower the repayments but we would need to sign another agreement to get all the 'extras' off. we had paid around £2000. 2. We have sent the car back( a year later),. They are saying with have only paid £300 off the car. The original agreement wi
  3. I purchased a car from an independent garage which was financed by Welcome finance. The car had problems when we purchased it and we took it back to the garage and they claimed to fix them. However after a year we got in touch with welcome to tell them we did not want the car because we couldnt afford the monthly repayments. The pressured us into signing a new contract in order to lower the repayments. The woman said that the only way they could take off all the 'extras' we were paying was to sign a new agreement. We payed for another year and then got a statement with our total am
  4. Hi Just to let you know that this morining i opened a very nice letter on very nice thick expensive paper telling me how the bank was not liable etc. At the bottom of the page was an offer for the full amount!!!!!! My LBA was sent off last Thursday, rec on Friday and today i have the offer. It will be paid into my bank account which is good because my account over drawn and i was refusing to pay it until the charges were refunded. I can use my bank account again! Now on for round 2. Aug-Sep bank charges only £100 but its worth fighting for and i wouldnt have had them if t
  5. I have a car with welcome finance. We got it 2 years ago for £3000. We have asked for abreak down of what we owe and they are saying £5000 aprox. The car cost £3000. We have had nothing but problems with the car and because of the costly parts have got behind in the payments. I now want to give the car back because i have heard that if i terminate the agreement it will be cheaper than them taking me to court! I dont want the car now because we would have paid aprox £8000 for a car which isnt worth more that £1500! We have been paying at £49 per week for 2 years. Has anyone
  6. i sent my letters to Canada Square London. I didnt address it to anyone in particular because at the time i didnt know who to send to. However all letters have been sent rec del and have been signed for my HSBC the next day. I suppose i am getting worried because i have heard nothing at all and the LBA runs out on friday
  7. yes i rec del both letters
  8. Thank you. I'm just getting worried because after reading the other posts i have seen other people sending their letters to their branches or Liverpool.
  9. Hello I am a little worried because i have sent my prem letter and LBA letter to HSBC head office. Has anyone else? I had to send to head office because my branches are closing and i did not want the letters to get 'lost' in the move. Has anyone else sent their letters to Head Office? If so has anyone had replies? Please advise
  10. Hi i posted the prem letter on the 19th aug. i didnt hear anything so i sent my LBA letter last week. I still have not heard anything! I taking my 14 days from the day the post office confimed that they delivered the letter, that way it looks better for me if i have to go to court it shows that i have been reasonable.
  11. I have sent my LBA letter, as yet i have had no correspondence from HSBC. I sent my letter to the main head office. I will let you know the outcome.
  12. Hi As far as i know they have broken their side of the contract by not providing the service. Due to the fact that Sky was unwatchable. The contract should have ceased when you asked them to remove the equipment Did you request in writing to have the sky system removed? I would send a letter to sky outlining your complaint and stating that you asked for removal of the equipment etc and that they have broken the terms of the contract, therefore have no grounds to claim the money.
  13. Hi this is my first post. I am in the process of claiming the bank charges off HSBC. We sent off the 1st letter (19/08) and have got no response at all. I have today sent off the LBA letter today giving them a further 14 days to pay up. Is it normal for HSBC to ignore letters? As yet we have not phoned them or had any contact apart from letters saying that our account is £180 overdrawn due to bank charges! we are owe £870.04 Any advice?
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