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  1. I am having something of the same with AOL. Over three years ago, had a dial up from them which I canceled. Recently They started taking money from my account again. Phoned the bank and after three attempts they have told me that it is very hard to actually stop a payment on a debit card as it will just keep rolling over until THEY stop it. It is nothing more than Theft in my books!
  2. Maybe this may help. This is from the Directgov web site. " When you buy goods or a service, you are entering into a contract with a supplier that cannot normally be broken. The supplier must deliver the goods or service and you must pay the purchase price. You cannot get out of a binding contract just because you change your mind. Cancelling goods or services is not the same as rejecting faulty goods or unsatisfactory services. If the goods or services you receive are not what was agreed, you can reject them immediately. For further information, refer to the factsheets Your rights - goods and Your rights - services. However, even if the goods or services are not at fault, in certain cases you can cancel a contract, as listed below. Consumer credit agreements Always read the forms before you sign. If you don't understand them get help from a trading standards office or Citizens' Advice. Once you sign you can't change your mind - unless you sign at home or at some other non-business premises. However, the Consumer Credit Act allows you to withdraw from the agreement before the creditor signs it. The time period is very short and once the creditor has signed the agreement it becomes 'executed' and you cannot then withdraw. To withdraw from a prospective agreement you must contact the finance company or their broker and inform them of your intention to withdraw. This can be done by telephone but always back it up with a letter confirming the withdrawal." How to cancel Consumer credit agreements If you sign a credit agreement in your home (or anywhere other than on the premises of the trader or creditor) after face-to-face contact with the supplier, they must give you written notice of your cancellation rights. These should be written into the agreement that you sign and the supplier should give you a copy of this agreement at the time you sign it. You should also receive either a second copy of the agreement signed by the finance company through the post, or you should receive a separate notice of your cancellation rights. You then have five days from when you receive this second copy or the notice to cancel your agreement. Write to the supplier telling them that you are cancelling the agreement as you are legally entitled to do. You should also complete and return any cancellation slip provided. Keep a certificate of posting and keep a copy of your letter and cancellation slip. Keep any goods safe until they are collected.
  3. Smoothy, If welcome have told you that you owe £800 and you have a figure from your credit report saying it is £1805 then something is very wrong. Either Welcome have not updated your report or they have given you the wrong information. Personally I would write a letter to welcome ASAP explaining this and that you want to know why there are two different figures and also send a copy to Experian. Include a copy of the letter you have had already from welcome.
  4. Smoothy, Sorry to hear that you feel crap. Can't imagine how you cope. Regarding you questions, personaly I would send them a S.A.R. request. At least this will give you everything they have of file, or not in some cases. You mentioned before that you where told by a manager regarding the backdated payments etc and then he left and there was another manager which didn't know what you where talking about. Did you by any chance keep that persons name or follow it up with a letter etc? Regarding the S.A.R. some people are doing it through their branch but others (and I) did it through the head office. Details of contact information are within one of my earlier posts within this thread. The S.A.R. letter is in the templates thread. Don't forget to attach a cheque or postal order for £10.00 Regards posting again some our using registered posting and others including me have used "proof of posting" which is free. You just take your letter into a post office counter and ask for a form which they stamp. I have never had a problem with it. Good luck and remember that we will try and support you in any way we can while dealing with un-welcome.
  5. Soli, When does your SAR run out? Plus I may be wrong but i have the impression that you have to give something like 2-3 days extra on some things due to postage etc.
  6. Smoothy Welcome to the thread, As falcon says, your are very welcome and you are among people who will help and support you all the way. Looking through your post, I have some questions. 1, Have they told you why you still owe them £800? 2, When the woman came to the door did they throw a charge on your account and did you run her over 3, Finally - how are you feeling now (now you know you can get support)?
  7. Wow, most of the thread online at the same time - that must be a first!
  8. Hi falcon, Hadn't really disappeared, just been busy doing some other things. I had a little trick when I phoned my old welcome office - You don't tell them your name etc. Just say your interested in getting a loan but you have been asked to speak to (name). they always transphered That worked for me for a few times until they relised it was me and i had to think of something else. The branch have proberly sent out your SAR because no one else would know what was going on. On my account, I caught them at it by seeing a copy of my file and 99% of the entries where either wrong information or had been missed off. I had proof that they where wrong. The reason for saying this is now you have your SAR back, go through it and make a note of everything you think may not be right. If you have any back up to prove they are wrong - you may have a case for reporting them. Keep us up to date.
  9. I have looked around and could find anything on the below so I thought I would ask the questions anyway. Browser updates. Has anyone with access to the coding of this site or server looked into updating the domain name for browsers? With the updates of Firefox, IE7 and opera, you don't need to put the www bit in. If you do that for this site, it dosn't find it and comes up error. Is anyone doing any SEO (Search Engine Opt.) for the site? Its not that I am being nosy, but would like to know it is being promoted in everyway possible which does not cost anything.
  10. This is typical of Welcome, leaving everything to the very last minute. Personally I would of not phoned them and see if they would of still sent them. Anyway, good luck and keep us in touch of future devolpments.
  11. Out of interest Allyxia, where did you send your SAR too?
  12. Hi maybelline, Glad you are starting the ball rolling. I noticed the bit above but unsure what it is you are trying to say. Was it extra's like insurance and protection, damage waiver etc. If it is, this is common from welcome. Good luck and keep us posted. Allyxia, Good to see you have also started the ball rolling. 40 days and counting:)
  13. If you did this on the 31 oct, I am sure you can still cancel. You have to be given a period of time which to cancel which i am sure is 14 days. This is typical of Welcome. They are using you. Phone them up, tell them you are a member of the C.A.G. and they have to return your car asap and cancel your agreement as you can or you will be on the phone to the FLA (Finance and Leasing Association) to make a full complaint. Welcome are members of the FLA and have to follow the rules. I am not an expert but I have a bit of experience with them. This may seem a bit harsh but if you can, try and not use these companies. They are there to use you when times are hard. Once they have you it is hard to get out of it. There are other threads on this forum which you will find interesting. Best of all, there are others which will be here to support you all the way. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-bailiffs-advice/37780-welcome-finance-any-dealings.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/vehicle-retailers-manufacturers/29783-welcome-car-finance.html
  14. Two things. Don't worry about the cheque thing to much. Just keep an eye on your bank statements because you will be sure they will cash it in. It does seem that Welcome do leave things to the last minute so yes, wait to the 40 days are up. You will probally get them in the last week. Secondly, I am not an expert but personally how wrong you think welcome are, I would not of stopped the direct debit as you could be jeperdising your agreement with them however wrong you think it is. In my case I kept paying them well over a year but now have every penny of it back but i must stress that this is my personal view, you would be better keep paying now and let them pay it all back to you later on. Stopping your payments could harm that.
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