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  1. Now if only I could get rid of that damn default QQ plonked on my file. Hmmmmmm? Do QQ / MacHall jst use CallCredit to register defaults or do they also put them on Experian & Equifax? Regards Farrelloa
  2. Thanks Brig, Ill wright to both and ask for a correction! Regards Farrelloa
  3. Cheers! Thanks for the quick replies, its much apreciated. Brig amazing infocouldnt ask for more. Best regards Farrelloa
  4. Hi all...Im new to this so please bare with me.....I had a payday loan with the dreaded Quick Quid all was fine until I had a bit of an personal issue and couldnt afford to pay my loan in full the amount to pay was around the £1500 mark. I contacted QQ and explained the situation and they agreed to split the balance over 4 equal payments. I payed the first two months fine but then my car imploded (Timing Belt) and I couldnt affort the full paymnet the next month. I expalined my situation to QQ and asked if I could either delay or re-arrange the amounts so id pay less this month/more next or e
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