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  1. done! thanks for everyones help, lets just see what happens now:cool:
  2. thanks, what a quick reply!!!! whats the best address to use for natwest? Lee
  3. hi, i have tried looking through the site but have not had much luck, i'm at the stage of submitting a court claim online but need some help in filling out the online form. is there a simple step by step guide on how to fill this out? sorry if this has been covered lots of times but it is difficult to come across exactly what your looking for if you don't know where to look. thanks in advance Lee;)
  4. thanks very much for the reply. will take my time
  5. hi, i have gone through the process of the preliminary letters to natwest which they have writen back with fairly standard answers for. now it has come to the point where i need to submit a claim. is there a simple step by step guide for the claim? do i use the HMCS web site, or go through small claims NP1 (i think) when i mean step by step i mean how to fill in exactly each bit? i havent had a look through any of the forms yet so dont know if its fairly self explanitory. i have been told on the last letter to send the claim to : group litigation department the royal
  6. just a little hello, i am pursuing nat west, have got all my statements and have £748 to reclaim, i have the letter template for second letter but dont know where to send it? does anyone have an address for natwest head office? thanks in advance Lee:)
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