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  1. I sent it o this address: Halifax PLC Trinity Road Halifax West Yorkshire HX1 2RG is this correct
  2. Do you have any advice to offer on my other queries at all?
  3. many thanks for the reply Tilly, that was definately a comofrting read. I have tried phoning the number on the last letter receieved from Halifax Customer realtions all day but havent even got an answer?!? odd. Anyhow shall I send another LBA recorded delivery this time with another 14days and file after these 14 days. This time making sure all correspndence is recorded delivery and deadlines are strict. I want to get this show back on the road and hope I havent messed up. many thanks
  4. Well my mate phoned them and they said they hadnt recieved the LBA so im going to send them another by recorded delivery. My cock-up. Im really worried ive messed this up for my friend by not sticking to deadlines. Plus I have pormised to pay his fee's if he does not win. I also know my friend would not be wiloing to actually attend a court case should it go that far. Also I have people left right and centre telling me the banks have put a stop to this and are winning cases. I could really do with some sound advice form here from someone who knows the score rather than my friends and family who have just heard snippets of news reports etc etc many thanks A V.Worried Plucky
  5. The only fear I have is that I sent the LBA and its now 22 days later and no reply, my friend cant afford to file a claim until next tuesday. What do you suggest the best course of action?
  6. I took my own bank to court last year and won circa 3k. I am in the prtocess of helping a friend do the same. We are just at the stage ready to file a claim with the courts however I am a bit worried. I have been following the same process as I did for my bank, has anything majorly changed? Also my firend and my father have both said they have seen on the news/heard on the radio that the banks are putting a stop to this and finally winning cases, is this true?
  7. I hadnt sent them recorded delivery, I hadnt thought to do that and I hadnt done that with my claim against Natwest. Do you think I should send them a final LBA with recorded delivery.
  8. Hello im after a bit of comforting advice here. My mate is 6 days late from the LBA deadline simply because he does not have the money to file a claim yet. Is this likely to present a proplem. We are going to do an N1 form and take it into the court next week when he gets paid. Also another thing I am conerned about since this whole process started he has only had one reply from the bank. Is this comman behaviour as I have only had a claim for myself with Natwest. They havent even replied to the LBA. Many thanks for your time
  9. I have sent my Prelim letter, My LBA is due to be sent today but i'm holiding off at the moment because I am away for two weeks and dont want theyre 14 days to be up whilst i'm away. In my above post when I said about my Moneyclaim, I meant I was discussing it with my Dad.
  10. I have already started a claim for my friend who is with Halifax. Have just had a letter from them stating they feel theyre charges are fair and I agreed to the T and C's blah blah Was just about to file with Monelclaim until a conversation with my dad. He mentioned something about a Lloyds case that the bank won. And said he saw or heard that anyone who took theyre bank to court was going to lose. Now I know I am fault for not being on here as much and keeping in touch but could anyone cut a long story short for me. many thanks
  11. I guessed as much. Thanks for the speedy reply. Its almost fun doing this all over again!
  12. Hi there, Im handling a claim for a friend of mine. First of all I done my own claim sept last year with Natwest has anything significant changed in the process that I should be aware of. He has arecieved a reply to his preliminary letter and they have basically said "they are sorry to hear about his complaint" "theywill look into the complaint and get in touch with him within 8 weeks" A load of rubbish to me! So what should I do. Hold on for a while or stick the 14 days and send LBA regardless of what they have said. Obviously I could adapt the LBA and say thank you for your letter but I am not prepared to wait 8 weeks etc etc and lay out my terms agin. many thanks
  13. Whoops, Halifax I posted in the wrong section, could a MOD delete this many thanks
  14. Ah right, well My account is in credit. And my loan, well if they ask me to pay it I will, the cheque was going to be used to clear off debts anwhow.
  15. Well guess what I recieved today??? A cheque for £1954.29 wahoooo They even paid me my £100 AQ fee! Thank you all so much i'm so happy. They have written on my cheque made payable to "daniel pluckrose in account XXXXXXX" Is this normal? I have a loan with them for about 1k and I hope theyre not going to try and swallow it up.
  16. Thanks for all the kind replies, put me at ease a little bit!
  17. Here is what I put for my POC
  18. Im even worst now, Ive just been reading through everything again. I noticed that in theire defence I recieved they are talking about the Particulars of Claim not being adequate and that they intend to apply to have my claim struck out. How the hell could I have missed this. Was I supposed to have sent them or the court a letter to resolve this or have I messed my claim up???
  19. Im due in court in 12 days now. Why havent they settled already? If I actually went to court I would make a right pratt out of myself, all those questions about section5a 69 blah blah. I couldnt exactly turn around in court and go hold on mo I've just gotta make a quick post on CAG! Nearly all of the cases ive read have been settled by this stage why is mine different?
  20. Hi the OFT statement summary is in there. I put it in Section 4 with the House of Parliment thing. It is up there in my post as well. I've handed it in now anyway so its a bit late to add that transcript but it is somethhing I hadnt heard of before and is very interesting.
  21. Haha quality, thanks alot for your help as always Muggins,!
  22. If imcompletely honest I had glanced at that link but wasnt too sure which bits I needed to use. Im hoping this big fat wad of info should put the shíts up them enough as it is. One thing I have wondered is I am a day after the deadline, I have spokent o the court and they are fine with this. But I still havent had anything from Cobbetts, surely they are supposed to be sending the court and myself something as well?
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