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  1. You should start to read up on the court bundle and preparing it. Don't leave it till the last minute - better to take your time and understand it all just in case you do end up in court.
  2. I didn't do anything! I tried to call and email just before sending off AQ but got no response so thought thats it then got to go through the process:rolleyes: . Luckly got the settlement letter before I started the bundle - had booked a day off work to do it too so that was nice:D
  3. Yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Letter in the post today settling in full:D :D Thanks to all on this site - Donation as soon as I get the cheque! Details later got to go to work - but not even that will wipe the smile off my face:D
  4. Well done mate!!!!!!! I have just had great news too!!! :D
  5. Yep this is your court bundle. I am at the same stage (court 23rd May) so am about to start preparing mine.
  6. Hi All Have received my court date now - 23rd May with all docs in 14 days prior. Better get on with the Bundle - 'insert scared smilie here'
  7. Hi - just got my court date for 23rd May - just about to start the bundle!! Good luck
  8. adw

    Trish V Abbey

    must admit I thought it was 40 days not working days
  9. Hi Tink Is it worth including previous attempts to reach an agreement? I know that any 'without prejudice' info cannot go to the court but it may be worth letting the court know that you have been trying. IE -"Although my previous attempts to reach a settlement through emailing you on XX and speaking with your office on XX I have still to recieve a response..." It would let the judge know you have been trying if it gets to court. What does anyone else think?
  10. adw

    Illingworth v Abbey

    Sounds like the standard Abbey replies. Just stick to your timetable not theirs. If you have not received all your info when your 40 days are up send an LBA giving 14 days. - worked for me (and everyone else;) )
  11. Posted my AQ off last week - it had to be filed today (5th March). How long should I give the court before I ring to see if Abbey have defaulted? More wishfull thinking going on here Tink
  12. Handed mine into court in the morning 10th Jan - Claim issued same day and posted first class on the 11th Jan - deemed served on 13th Jan. Defendant had untill 29th Jan to reply (they did saying they will defend) I got a 'Notice of Issue' out lining the above around the 13th Jan
  13. In my local court they issued the claim within a few days and it was deemed served a further 2 days after that. You will get a letter showing you this from the court.
  14. Stick to your timetable as they will just be buying time - Its a known tactic. Get your claim in when the 14 days are up.
  15. Don't sign the letter!!!!!!:o Have a look at Tink's thread for an idea of the things you need to reply with. Nobody is saying that they shouldn't charge anything -its the fact that they are making money from us not covering the costs. That is unlawful.
  16. adw

    Airbag v Abbey

    Yep - time to issue your N1 claim.
  17. Hi Micro I'll check the statements and post up on Sunday - I count my action as starting from when I requested the statements (22.09.06). Re address yes all my letters have gone to Triton Square
  18. Received my AQ today so a bit more reading on Sunday (working through the night tonight:( )
  19. Great stuff - well done !!!! Joy your hols:cool:
  20. Hi Tink. I copied this from another thread - think it was a reply Nutty Tart received. I am no longer working for Abbey National PLC and I would suggest that any emails sent to this inbox be resent to [email protected] If you need to speak to someone urgently, please email [email protected] or [email protected], or call James on 02077564306. Thank you and best wishes, Christine
  21. adw

    Jason v Abbey

    Hi Jason Yes you can claim them. I have a few where they have honored a payment that takes me say £2 over my overdraught then charged me £30! Nice work if you can get it. Good luck
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