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  1. If they take money without authorisation thats a criminal offence isn't it?
  2. Thanks South Yorks Lad, thats the polite sod off I was contemplating.
  3. Right I ballsed up, I was hit with a load of PCN's by NCP in a train station car park ignored them then last month got 7 letters from Roxbughe demanding £85 ignored them got the Graham white letters, and yesterday paid one of the fines and told them I intended to pay the rest on Monday, then something dawned on me and I checked here, read the various threads and am now wondering what to do - tell them politely to shove it? ignore them? pay up? Also theres an interesting email chain between me and one of thier staffers ----------- I can advise that the following contravention
  4. I had one from Barclays waiting for me when I got back from Le Mans... this week I got hit for £90 in charges - yet I can't act on them - why do the government let this nonsense go on???
  5. On the flipside we can all start banking with Credit Agricole or whoever
  6. One to watch for - signed up for the 9.99 p/m deal but got charged £15 p/m - all letters have been ignored. Why is it that every major company is useless?
  7. I've had the same offer Freddy but rather than accept / decline they have just dumped it in my account!
  8. Mines there but scrubbed out (by me). That 'sig' appears on every MBNA document I've seen posted here - I mean not the samer persons sig - the exact same - pixel identical. So yes its just a stamp I suspect.
  9. I'm stuggling to see a way out here...
  10. It definatley complies with the act, but I'm not convinced about the regulations as they state both what it should say plus explaining how it should be detarmined I won't fight on that alone though.
  11. Meanwhile elsewhere in the regulations it states the same as the CCA1974 so the regulations say both what it says in the CCA and also that the method of determining the limit should be included. Its minor but these things all add up.
  12. I've been emailed the consumer credit (agreements) regulations by a very helpful chap called dave - thanks for that. Now a key part of this is the statement in the CC(A)R 1983 is as follows S.I. 1983/1553 Schedule 6 - Regulation 6(1) (Pescribed Terms for the purposesof S61(1)(a) and 127(3) of the consumer credit act. 3. Agreements for running account credit - A term stating the credit limit or the manner in which it will be determined or that there is no credit limit Now this is compared to the CCA 1974 which states: b a statement that the trader will, under the agree
  13. Thats the FAQ's relating to the regulations but not the regulations themselves (I think). By the way someone got a letter from an MP saying that an application was not an agreement - can anyone find that?
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