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  1. They upped it to £1,000, so I said I'd accept £1,100. She said she's have to do a letter so I'll wait for their letter to see what it says when it gets here.
  2. Thanks for the link Tilly, found it myself when I calmed down. Do you think its worth ringing them now I've got a direct number? To tell them I accept as part settlement but that I will recover the remainder with a court claim? They've told me it'll be in my account within 14 days.
  3. OMG! :o Have today received a letter offering £601 which is half my initial claim of £1,202 unlawful charges. Shall I ring them what shall I do? Suze
  4. Hi all, good to see people winning after filing their court claims. Unfortunately I am still not at that point due to problems with the spreadsheets:? Anyway, I have allowed Halifax to investigate my "complaint" to their timescale and they have failed. I should have received their response by 22 June however I rang on Monday 25 June and spoke to "Phil". He said a letter was sent dated 21 June (Coincidence!!). There was no letter on 25 June with my post. He offered to send it again? Yes please and what does the letter say? I asked. "I can't say" was his reply??!!?? Anyway lo and behold, today (27 June) a letter arrived dated 21 June but franked 26 June first class postage. Guess what??? They are not upholding my "complaint". I rang them - spoke to "Robert", there was no record of my phone call on Monday 25 June, he asked if I was rejecting the letter? Of course I told him. "You want a full refund?" He asked. Of course I told him. Anyway, Halifax are 6 days behind, (diddums) my case is being passed to a manager marked urgent??? :o I will phone again next Monday. I told him I will go to court and that I have waited to give them time so as not to waste court time. Anyone got any ideas? Suze;)
  5. Hey Lisa - 5 July is not long, glad you've got this far - expect your postie to arrive in a van before long to make his getaway! Anyhow, I still haven't filed my court claim, thought I'd wait til 22 June for their full investigation LOL! Anyhow, I rang and spoke to "Phil" at Halifax this morning who said that a letter had been sent, dated 21 June, I told him that I hadn't got it and he offered to send another? What did the letter say? He couldn't tell me!! Guess who'll be doing a "Lisa" tomorrow and every day until that letter arrives? ME! Any guesses as to what this letter will say? Suze
  6. Morning! Havind done a bit of digging round the NatWest forum have realised that I can claim for those "charges" that were confusing me. I am lucky enough not to have been a NatWest customer ever so this is a little bit more difficult not being used to their small print so to speak. Could someone please advise if it is ok to claim for the unarranged borrowing fee of £14? Then I will be ready to do the LBA and is proof of posting sufficient or is it better for R/D as when I have used R/D it never ever comes up as being delivered on the track n trace? The claim is for £2,086. Thanks Suze
  7. I am doing this on behalf of my friends (I am chasing the Halifax myself), and now have their statements. Their account was an Advantage Gold Account and eventually it was transferred to a loan and them given a Current Plus Account. Basically the salary was paid straight into the account to repay the loan and they were left with nothing to live on! Anyway I know that unpaid direct debits, cheques etc can be claimed for. However there are other "charges" doubling their claim, that I am unsure about. Can someone help me to help The Railways? The charges are labelled as "unpaid r/p fee"; "paid referral fee"; "card misuse fee"? Your help would be greatly appreciated as this claim would amount to £2,450 and would in effect wipe out the loan created by natwest because of the charges. Suze:confused:
  8. At Long Last - Congratulations! Suze
  9. Me again, LittleSally sent me the link which can be found in my thread post 25 or on her thread littlesallyVNatWest***WON*** post 68. I have sent it but has not worked out for me. I think Halifax are just waiting for 8 weeks to tell us to get lost or to wait for us to file the claim. Well next pay day I will be. What was your timescale from start to finish in the end Tilly?
  10. Hey Tilly Can't keep you away LOL - I send a second LBA after receiving the 2nd standard fob off letter at 4 weeks, advising them that I am serious and that I will be filing a court claim but if I did so I will be claiming the interest charged on the unlawful charges. So if they didn't intend to defend why not just pay what I am asking for, which is the refund of my charges. Unfortunately I have not had the spare money to file my claim plus with problems with printing off s/s which I am working on now, even so, Halifax have not responded either by letter or by crediting my account - quelle no surprise there. I will find the link and post it shortly Suze;)
  11. Congratulations Tilly! Way To Go. Have A Wonderful Holiday Suze;)
  12. Hey everyone! Hope you're all feeling positive - what going on in Hull? As I've heard nothing from Halifax in response to my 2nd LBA, I expect the next letter will be the standard decline claim, manage your money better type of thing to land in my post box. I am now going to attempt my s/s again, waiting for payday to come round again and first thing that's being paid is my court claim! Keep positive - I'm trying hard but having internet and PC problems to add to the struggle! Suze;)
  13. Good luck and keep positive dynamicdebz! Suze;)
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