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  1. It will cost you the price of a stamp and £1 to request a copy of the credit agreement. Without they are stuffed. Send the letter now!
  2. Good news Chris. Best thing to do now is sit back and do nothing. Keep a low profile and give them no reason to look any more for the paperwork. Six years after the last payment you made, it all becomes unenforceable due to statutes of limitation. If they find a credit agreement, as Paul said, they can still seek enforcement. The sum is large (8.5K) you can bet they have already looked in all the places it should have been filed and not found it. Always a chance they might find it somewhere else, but given they don't know where it is, must be a good chance they will never find it. Th
  3. I won NEXT sent me all my information as directed by the court. Then the court ordered NEXT to pay me by cheque just under £300 in costs and compensation.
  4. I settled with Barclays. Once cheque had cleared I wrote to court and advised them all settled and made a request with costs enclosed. I will PM you a copy of the letter and costs build-up.
  5. The claim via moneyclainonline my wasted costs were rejected. But my second claim via local court (ie not using Moneyclaimonline) was successful.
  6. On 04 May 2007 I received a letter advising me that since there was no signed agreement the company (Littlewoods) had taken the commercial decision to pursue the debt. Pursue or not pursue?
  7. Well went to court yesterday and the excellent judge guided us expertly through the whole proceeding and duly issued an order for nearly £300 in compensation! She dismissed NEXT's defence using section 13(3) and agreed with us that they only complied after the first hearing and court order. The judged calculated the compensation using the time we had invested in bringing the action and also the time we had spent in the two hearings and used our earnings, she asked both how much we earned and got her calculator out! When NEXT objected saying the Data Protection Act says "individual" in sec
  8. In court tomorrow at 10am, when hopefully will be the end of this case. Just noticed that NEXT's email refusing to settle is headed "WITHOUT PREJUDICE". Does that mean we are not allowed to show the judge if it comes up have we tried to settle with them?
  9. Well believe it or not this case rumbles on. After the hearing in the judges chambers Next answered our questions on the Data supplied and then issued a statement of truth that they have nothing more, all as the judges order. We resubmitted the revised POC with unliquidated damages. The court then issued a notice and a date for court for September07 (in the next 14 days). NEXT replied with a letter to the court, "there is nothing to discuss the case is over, if we must attend can we attend via telephone". Well the judge then wrote to us and said do you object? Having no great d
  10. Vikki I had the same last week. Sent Debt Management a copy of my CCA requests to Next and confirmed that Next did not have a Credit Agreement. They wrote back 2 days later and siad the file was closed and they had passed all paperwork back to Next. No one called either, it is just scare tactics to make you ring and pay them.
  11. What do you know it worked. Mrs Martian10 just called and I have an order from the court fro Barclays to pay me another £200 odd in costs by the 24JUL07!!!!
  12. Found the answer to my question here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html?garpg=13
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