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  1. Any one have experience of this happening? Just don't want them to pay me out then it all get swallowed up when they withdraw the overdraft. Or is there a way round to prevent this? Thanks
  2. Thanks for that. At least I'll be able to sleep a little easier tonight.
  3. Should I be worried? I've just received a notice of a change in solicitor and cahoot have decided to act in person. Is this normal? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the responce and the links but I'm trying to find out if 'they' can cancel my overdraft and demand repayment which there is no way I can do.
  5. Hope someone can help. Just wanted to know if anyone has any knowlege of Cahoot cancelling overdrafts or accounts when claiming unfair charges back. I have quite a large overdraft with them which there is no way I can afford to pay if they decide to cancel it. Unfortuatley I will not be able to get this overdraft with another bank so I'm kind of stuck really. Advice would be apreciated..
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