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  1. Hi everyone, I am about to make a claim against the above. I have received claim doc from BoS to fill and return within 14days. Does anyone have any experience of filling the form or claiming against them, so I do not make an error. They have sent me questionnaires for loans and credit cards Also, I have previously claimed bank charges from welcome finance and capital one some years ago. I have lost all the paperwork. Can I still claim PPI against them, and does anyone have their address or know how to make the claim. All advice is highly appreciated.many thanks
  2. I just recd this response below from the e-mail I sent to FSCS regarding claiming against welcome finance. I have read somewhere that even their lifecare insurance is a PPI. (this is the policy I was missold) Would you please advice if I do have a case for making a claim. Thank you. Dear Mr xxxxxxx Thank you for your email received 18 June 2012 regarding a Payment Protection (PPI) claim. I have completed a review on the account you took out with Welcome Financial Services (WFSL). I can confirm you did not take out PPI on this agreement. Therefore you are unable to make a claim regarding PPI at this time. I hope my email has been of help, however, should you need any further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0845 373 0386 who will be more than happy to resolve any queries. Yours sincerely xxxxxxxxxx Customer Experience Team >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dear Sir/Madam I have previously asked you to send me the relevant claim form for claiming PPI compensation from Welcome Finance. However, I received no response from you. Would you please send me the claim form as soon as possible and include details of where to send it. Thank you very much. My details are as follows: Mr xxxxx. Address. Account No.xxxxx
  3. Hi, Could a PPI claim be made even when the credit card application was completed online? I also want to make a claim against MBNA credit Card PPI. However, I think the application was completed online and I apparently ticked 'yes' to the ' would you want PPI question'. I have received my statement following a SAR. Would I still be able to make a claim? I obviously ticked yess to PPI, as I had thought , my application would be turned down if I did not include PPI Thank you
  4. Hello ims, I also want to make a claim against MBNA credit Card PPI. However, I think the application was completed online and I apparently ticked 'yes' to the ' would you want PPI question'. I have received my statement following a SAR. Would I still be able to make a claim? I obviously ticked yess to PPI, as I had thought , my application would be turned down if I did not incluse PPI Thanks again.
  5. Hi ims, Hope you are well. I have finally received my statement of accounts from Welcome Finance and have also cleared my the debt in full on 24.05.2012. I am yet to receive appropriate claim form from the FSCS. (Reminder e-mail sent today) Thanks again for the PPI calc spreadsheet. Would you kindly go through the attached and pls advice if I had completed it correctly. Pls make any amendments as necessary and your advice is very much appreciated. Kind Regards PPI Claim -Welcome Finance- Check page.xls Welcome Finance Statement of Account.pdf
  6. I just contacted FSCS to ask for the relevant paperwork. I was put through to welcome finance. I told them i wanted the FSCS to make a claim against welcome. She said i was at the right place, took my details checked & said "there is no PPI on your account". I told her that their 'lifecare insurance' is a PPI. she said they are only looking at PPI's right now and that they are almost at the end of that stage and will begin to look at other insurance soon after. She said she will add my details to the spreadsheet & they will write to me when they start looking at other covers but unable to tell me when. I told her I will seek other means of redress.
  7. Hi, I no longer have a cheque book. Could I send a postal order for the SAR?
  8. Hi, Really grateful for your advice & time. I'm going to contact my bank and ask if they could provide a statement of all pymts made to welcome. If they can't do this then I'd send a SAR or whichever is less expensive. I will post progress on this thread. Thanks a million again
  9. PDF.pdf Thank you so much Please find the pdf documents as requested. Should I call the FSCS to lodge a claim and request their questionairre now? Also If I am unable to retrieve my bank statement going far back as 2008, should I send a SAR for all docs? Kind Regards
  10. Thank you ims. I am not sure of what I can claim. I maintained regular payments for very long but I defaulted due to financial hardship. However, I have since made further payments by debit card and redued the balance to £100.00 to be cleared off next month as advised. Can I make a claim for the payment I made with debit card after defaulting or just for the period when regular payments were being made?. Kind Regards
  11. Thanks a million, Do I just click on the signature icon for access to view the No1 & spreadsheet as advised?
  12. [Yes you can Have you got statements for Cap1? Is it a Halifax card and if so have you got all the statements for that too? ims] Thank you, It is is good to know and yes, It was a Halifax card. Bad news is I have discarded all documents for both of them after the compensation.
  13. Hi, Could I still make PPI claims against the Halifax and Capital One 4 years after they have compensated me for unfair bank charges?
  14. Hello, To prepare a spreadsheet of claim, I take it I will need to obtain a statement of account from the loan company that shows/showed monthly payments and records. Would you say that the first step is to send a SAR for the statement? I took out a £3000.00 loan from Welcome Finance in June 2008 and I was pressured into taking their 'lifecare insurance I remember telling the Welcome Finance officer, I did not need the cover but I was pressurised to believe that the Protection Insurance was compulsory. The officer certainly implied that I would stand more chance of getting the loan if I took Protection cover. I was also never advised about the cost and terms of the insurance nor was I even told I could buy insurance elsewhere to cover the loan. I read that FSCS are dealing with Welcome Finance PPI claim. They stated they will be contacting all customers that have been missold PPIs. I don't know when this would be and I don't want to lose out. I also do not know what I can claim. I maintained regular payments for very long but I defaulted due to financial hardship. however, I have since made further payments reducing the balance to £100.00 to be cleared off next month as advised. Please advice if i have a claim. Where do I start? Do I request for statements? . I have located the Loan Agreement. I could scan and post it for advice. Thanks a million for your advice
  15. Hi all, Has anyone got Halifax T&c's from 2000 - 2005? Regards
  16. Hi DS, I fashioned my claim mainly after bong's style and no, I am not claiming contractual, just statutory interest. By AOP, do you mean the banks profiteering from these charges? My Claim was also delayed because I was busy reappyling for my job, after which I sent the bank a letter giving them 1 week to avoid legal action, which they ignored. It is a waiting game now, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Regards
  17. Hi all, I have just handed in my POC (NI version) against the Halifax. I am claiming beyond 6years. I read somewhere to post legal claim on a particular forum, but I just can't remember where. Could someone please help me out here as I would need some support at this stage. Best Regards
  18. Very true stax68, the 'reasonable man' would surely have. Regards
  19. Thanks a million Stax68, If only we knew we would need these T&Cs later on. Could anyone please with Halifax T&Cs from 1999. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, Thanks for your response. I will be looking at your thread with interest. Wish you all the very best. At which stage would you need the T&Cs? Regards
  21. Thanks a million, Stax68, you've been very helpful. I can now continue with my POC. However, Halifax in their refusal letter, referred to the charges as 'their fees for the additional work that they carry out when a customer requests a payment without sufficient funds in their account'. Would I need all the T&Cs that were in effect during the time I'm claiming for?. (1999 - 2007) Best Regards
  22. Hi, I read this thread over the weekend. Well done everyone for your solid advice. It would be great when the T&Cs are available on the site. My claim is with the Halifax. Been with them since 1993, however they sent me statements from 1999 to date. At first I decided to make a 6year claim, but soon decided with my LBA letter to claim from 1999. LBA expired 12.5.2007. I ought to have commenced legal action, but did not want to rush into it, in view of the recent, very publicised set back case. It now seems that the P.O.C in the template library would not be sufficient on it's own, especially with needed T&Cs. Bankfodder said amendments would be made to the templates for claims beyond 6years. This is yet to be done. I assume further amendments would be necessary following the adverse Lloyds judgement. Since 12.5.2007, Halifax has written (23.5.2007) to 'decline my complaint' (their terminology) I'm very confused on how to draft my P.O.C following these development, while very conscious of the time. My claim is, dare I say, straight forward, with just the statutory 8%. Could someone PLEASE HELP, as I do not want to jeopardise my claim at this stage. Best Regards Rainman
  23. Wow Bong! I can see you've been very busy as you are in such demand, so if you don't respond to this I'll understand. I posted this on the Halifax forum a few days ago, but I haven't had a response yet. I have copied and pasted it below: hope you could advice me further. Also Capital One wrote to me on 11.4.07 that they would pay in full. (937.65) They also wrote to the Court the same day stating they had refunded the full amount to me and had written to me about it. (I'm still waiting for the cheque) I received a form from the court today asking me to tick whether I wished to proceed or not. Must return form to the court before 16.5.07 otherwise claim would be stayed. Should I wait a bit for the cheque before responding? Best Regards. Pls see my main enquiry below. Thanks Hello again everyone, Following my prelim request letter, I've just recd a letter from the Halifax acknowledging my dissatisfaction with their charges (referred to as a complaint) and that 'their regulator, the Financial Services Authority, gives them 8weeks to investigate and respond to complaints. 'They hope to respond fully within 4weeks or write to advice further. As advised on this site, surely, I'd progress to the LBA after 14days as it is my time table. (Am I right?) Now my dilemma....., The Halifax sent me statements from 1999, however, I only made a claim to cover the last 6years, (2001-Date). I have now read BankFodder's encouragement to claim beyond 6years. 'Livelylad' also kindly sent me a link whereby 'bong' made a successful claim going back 13years! As I had already sent a Schedule of charges requesting refund of charges in the last 6years, should I make a separate claim from 1999 - 2001, or send them another letter revising my claim as 'bong' did? What about my deadlines if I revise my claim. Do I start all over again? Can I request further statements as I have been with the Halifax since 1992/3 and I'm sure they've charged me over these period. Crucially, Could I claim for the period beyond 6yrs separately as 'livelylad' as kindly advised that cases had been won & lost here. Best Regards
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