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  1. Hi , Thank you for your reply, I have sent them a copy of my statement and a full months transaction showing everything going in & out of my account . They have said it has not shown up in their account. I have spoken to the court and they have not applied for a court order to take the car back and they cannot do this unless I have missed two full months payments which I have not. They advised me to remind MB of this. The sherriff court clerk was very helpful.
  2. Bought a car using Moneybarn in May 2013 eveything going okay until I missed a couple of payments in October 2014 but agreed a repayment plan and then on 7th January 2015 received a court order demanding the car back. Got a form in and filled it in for a Time Order to Pay I got a letter from their lawyers on 05/05/15 for the following but I had been making payments from 01.01.15 as agreed. EXTRACT DECREE FOR PAYMENT SHERIfF COURT Court Ref. no: A???/?? Date of decree: 07 January 2015 In Absence Moneybarn No.1 Limited, a company incorporated under the
  3. Hello, Thank you for your reply. Apologies for the long delay but I am having major hassle with Halifax. I have requested the return of charges and ppi from both accounts but got a final response saying that they will not consider anything going back more thank 6 years as they do not have to consider anything prior to this and their £12 are within the fair charges policy. Is this correct?
  4. Thank you for your reply Card one was 2005 to 2008 when I paid and closed account. Yes I have all statements. The other was 2000 to 2014 but I only have statements from 2006 . I went of work in 2011 when ppi was cancelled but I am sure this was after I took ill up until then I had the odd late payment . I cannot understand why they offered a refund in 2012 when I knew nothing about this.
  5. I have just received a letter from Barclays saying they offered a PPI refund in July 2012 for two visa cards but i only queried these on 30/09/2014. One is paid and closed but the other is defaulted with them with a balance of £1800 and they are offering £720 refund but they want to pay the full amount towards this balance. I also have a transaction summary from them and on it it says this account is unenforceable. My question is o i accept the refund and advise them i am offer it to pay the account off as a full and final settlement to get r
  6. thanks Ell-enn I will get her to do that. She is a nightmare 28 years of age and will not call or ask anyone for help. She is scared of speaking to people face to face or on phone thats why I am doing my best to try and help her.
  7. Thanks for your replies. She got a letter in this morning from her ex employer and all it says is your agency agreement with ?????? has been terminated. Anything else she can try to clear her name? thanks
  8. Hi Ell-enn, Yes she lives in Falkirk, Scotland. The solicitors is a Glasgow office and they are called McClure Naismith Solicitors A copy of the letter she sent says:- On "date" a decree against you was granted in the sherriff court for the sum of £16803.90. If you do not pay this sum within fourteen days you are liable to have further action taken against you including arrestment of your earnings and the attachment and aution of articles belonging to you. You are also liable to be sequestrated (declared bankrupt). In the same envelope she has a schedule of inhibit
  9. Hi Ell-enn, It does not state it is a secured loan on her forms and no she has not received anything from the land registry. Apparantly it did go to court but she never received anything I though she would have had the option to put her side to the judge and offer a repayment or settlement and it was up to him to decide if this was an acceptable offer or not. I have asked the lawyer to send all copies of the paperwork out but still have not received anything. She is saying we now have 5 days to come to an agreement or they will take charge of the property
  10. Hi Conniff, She followed all the procedures. went to the house and got the name and address, d.o.b, n.i. number, and proof of id. she was shown bank statements with the customers name and address and also a utility bill, customer signed the form. She returned 24 hours later and signed a credit agreement 4 times and handed over the money. The only other person in the house was the aunt but she has denied ever seeing the agent as well. I know she was there as it was a saturday morning and she phoned me for advice. She would never steal. she was given a £600 laptop a week before and
  11. My friend got a conservatory built by weatherseal and it was financed through GE Home Loans. She stopped working over a year ago and phone and advised them but nothing from them. She got a letter in October from a solicitor saying she had to pay nearly £17000 but 11th november as there was now a charge over her property. She has checked the loan forms and there is only PPI for her husband on the form and none for her. We have called the solicitor up and asked to come to an arrangement as she and her husband no longer works but they are demanding payment in full. Her mum has off
  12. Can someone give us some advice. My friend worked for a door to door loan company until recently. What happens is maybe 2/3 times a year we all get a security check and customers are visited at random to see if there books and payments are up to date and we are not pocketing the money or signing up bogus customers. She has signed up over 200 customers in the last 30 weeks which is fantastic. The security risk manager visited an address and was told the said person that he was looking for did not exist and was never at that address. She was called to the office and asked to explain and ba
  13. Hi everyone. I have just had a letter from capquest saying theyapologise for any inconvience caused but they were not advised that the account was in dispute with the original lender and after reading all my correspondance they have closed the account on their system. It was probably DMD's letter slightly modified. I do not know what happens now but thanks for helping. sandra
  14. Thanks Having_A_Knightmare and Curlyben I have found an email address for them and will forward a letter to them tonight and post recorded delivery in the morning. Brilliant piece of advise will let you know there reply. thanks again
  15. It is a threat letter from Capquest's Solicitors saying I have ignored there correspondance even though I have spoken to them twice and sent in all letters to B of S and their replies plus B of S said they have told them to hold the account for 4 weeks. I have until 31.08.07 to pay in full.
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