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  1. offer it as a 'second chance' to the next bidder down the list...... i've done that twice now with non-paying winners with no problems
  2. Just for my two-pennies worth........... Touts do make lots of money out of people, my personal opinion is that it is immoral but the main culprits are the insiders who provide them with their merchandise, in a market society then i've no problem for the 'every man for himself scenario' but if its heavily weighted against joe public then it's out of order. For the record many touts also get their fingers burnt, it's sometimes possible to get tickets at half price if you are prepared to wait outside certain gigs/events. The best ever way of controlling touts i witnessed at a Premiershi
  3. Hi, many thanks for the views and constructive discussion. I'm going to proceed with an LBA, i've sourced to item elsewhere but it is coming in at £80 more so that is the amount i will be notifying them of. Unfortunately i have had to purchase the item as it is required for this weekends special occasion but i don't think this will hamper any action as i spoke to two different people who both, when given the chance, said that the company does not reimburse for 'loss of bargain'. I've seen the term 'loss of bargain' used several times before and although I have no legal background i've
  4. The first thing you need to do is secure your pc because it's obviously something that could happen again in the very near future, if not today. Set a 'boot-up' password on the pc and/or put a block on the mentioned site in the browser. Surely the account at Foxy can be terminated via their website rather than a phone call, cancel the whole thing (not just your card) and if you want to still play setup the thing again at a later date......... £1900 is a very expensive lesson to learn Hope you get somewhere with getting some money back but you priority must surely be plugging the hol
  5. Hi, Can anyone shed any light or give an opinion on the following scenario..... I purchased a Camcorder last week (Friday) online, it was half price, for example £100, due to it being end of line. The item was purchased online and the stock level at purchase was 25, I recieved a confirmation email, payment was taken from my credit card and the 'online' status of the order went to 'ready for picking', i had selected free delivery so was given a delivery date of 5 working days ie this Friday. I went online on Monday and the stock level was still 23 and a friend of mine ordered the very
  6. Hi ShootMePlz, We've a similar problem to yours, low pressure/flow means that it takes 35mins to run a bath, combi-boiler is starting to malfunction and the shower is useless because there isn't enough cold water to cool the water from the hot water tank. Are these measuring devices expensive and available on the market ? Has anyone taken these companies to court before for pressure/flow problems ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thinking of stopping my direct debits now to try and create some sort of reaction as their complaints procedure is non-existant
  7. Wow, you're a star Many thanks again for your time & advice, i really appreciate the trouble you've gone to in drafting the letter. I'll fire it off tomorrow and give them two weeks before commencing with an MCOL action. Cheers C
  8. Hi rosiecotton, Did you manage to find any case law which may be relevant to my problem ? If i was to take action would i have to claim for a monetary amount or could a court insist on them providing a replacement and would this be done through a small claims court ? Sorry for all the questions, the very negative attitude which they conveyed has wound me up a bit and i'm ready to take them in the name of consumer justice cheers C
  9. The company are digging their heels in and refusing to offer any more than a refund of the money i paid, end of .......... Let battle commence
  10. Thanks for the reply Rosiecotton that's quite a interesting post, there's only one place still selling the item and they are advertising it at £289, am i therefore entitled to claim £289 back from my supplier so that i can purchase thr same specification elsewhere ? Is 'loss of a bargain' a justifiable claim that i could use together with sale of goods act etc ? cheers
  11. Hi everyone, i'm looking for some advice, I recently purchased a very well recommended AV Amplifier (model 1906) for £220 from a major retail outlet, after 20days it developed a fault and they came and collected the item for repair. They've now confirmed it's a terminal problem and i'll need a replacement, so far so good. Unfortunately the 1906 model has now been discontinued and replaced with the 1907 model @ £310. they've said that the replacement is far too expensive and that i'll have to get a full refund or go for a lesser model , so what are my rights. I picked up a bargain with
  12. I've managed to avoid court action three times now by a last ditch phone-calls to the relevant people, i think sometimes (maybe a lot of the time) the CC companies end up going to Court because of their slow administrative procedure although i do appreciate that some companies do take the mickey !
  13. Many thanks, twas an internet problem at work, all sorted, thanks again
  14. Hi Gizmo111, you're a star, answering all my querieson different boards The link you gave failed, what was the title so i can search for it manually Thanks Again
  15. Many thanks for that, excellent advice, its in the post tonight and i'll leave contacting the court until full reimbursement
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