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  1. I'm afraid I don't have it anymore, but if you send me a pm with your email, I'll email you and you can send me the details and I'll draft a letter for you if you like?
  2. Great article, thanks for that. I'm happy with the results of my returns so far as they were electrical goods which haven't lasted that long. Apart from a sofa from Harvey's, but that's another story...elsewhere on this board!
  3. When you say act quickly, how quick should this be? I mean I've taken a few things back to shops recently and received a replacement or a refund and the things in question actually stopped working after quite some time. The longest being about 8 months. Is this where the "Should last a reasonable time" thing comes in? If something goes wrong I believe I should be able to take it back to the shop I bought it from as it hasn't lasted a reasonable time, and in all instances within the guarantee period.
  4. Yeah without the ticket you're probably struggling, and if it's not a statutary rights issue, which it's not, then you have to rely on the goodwill of the store. I've bought things there before and sometimes the ticket doesnt match the thing itself. Maybe it's a generic description for something.
  5. If the drier is faulty and you take it back, they should give you a refund. They have the right to inspect it, but you should get a refund. You might have to insist though, as they might try to fob you off at first. Customer service is getting absolutely terrible these days.
  6. Couple of weeks ago, my partner turned on our 50" LG TV and moments later heard a crackle and a bang, and when she came back into the room, there was no picture. Following day we called Currys to see what they could do. They said someone would ring that day, so she stayed in. No one called so I called back the following day at which time we were told that someone would call that day. They did and then decided that the motherboard had gone and that's what we had needed. There was no ETA for this motherboard. Now, almost 2 weeks have gone by and I'd heard nothing. I then decided that
  7. Thanks for that. I've also signed up for one of the email addresses so more power to the elbow with a bit of luck.
  8. Thanks for that. Well the good news is that Harvey's have now admitted everything, refunded my sofa cost and delivery charge, and also sent a cheque for the court fees and other expenses I claimed. So I end up about £50 up on the deal, which is probably about right when you consider interest from May, and postage and visits to the store. Money claim online is certainly really easy to do, and got me the result, albeit it took until late last week for it to be finally resolved. Having said that, pretty much sorted within 2 months is fairly good I think.
  9. Thanks. I was rather thinking more in terms of having not claimed the interest originally, and indicating that on the form, to change my mind and claim it seeing as they're being totally unreasonable in trying to defend the whole amount. They have my money, I have no sofa, any fool can know that there's no way they can win, so they're simply wasting everyone's time, which is why I thought I might get to claim the interest despite not claiming it first.
  10. I do know a couple of people who work for the local newspaper so I might email them to see if they're interested. I'll also see what happens at the small claims court. One thing's for sure, since 29th July to have no refund is totally unacceptable!
  11. No problem. I'd have also thought that Halfords should check their own insurance...
  12. Why not just claim off the house insurance? Depends on your insurance, but if its anything like mine, personal items are covered if they are stolen from away from the home.
  13. Hi there, new to this forum, looks great for advice etc. Anyway, ordered a reclining sofa in May, and was informed the usual 12 weeks delivery. Paid £1044 upfront. Didn't have a problem with that as other stuff from Harveys was actually ok. Sofa arrived on 29th July and was faulty. Not as good as shop display one, crushed at one side, big gap between seats etc, so it was refused and went back. Delivery men said they'd had problems with 3 other sofas that day, which was why it was 8.55pm when they arrived. Went into store following day asking for refund, was refused saying th
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