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  1. hi,can you advise me on acknowledging charging papers received from hsbc solicitors mortimer clark,shuold i sign and return forms as they request
  2. Hi,its only hsbc at the moment [via marlin etc] who are trying to get charging order,my debts are over the 5000 mark,you would be better off stating a new thread as it could get complicated,it may be worth checking out if they can get a charge on unsecured loan etc ie credit cards. The interest bit is quite a worry though and i am hoping someone on this forum will be able to advise me,best of luck,trevor
  3. Hi.the original ccj`s only interest mention was quote:[and interest to date of judgment] also on the application for order on land or property,received from MORTIMER CLARK SOLICITORS under judgment debtit states :quote [the amount now due is ----- [which includes interest payable at a daily rate of £2.24 from the judgment date to the date hereof]. equity in property about £100,000 [i am 62 yrs of age thus unable to consider remortage. I have seven other unsecured creditors ie credit cards totaling justover 60k of which all of them are accepting an informal arrangement oof regular payment
  4. Hi Hopeful1,thanks for help,will look at these links cheers
  5. Hi,having just successfully defended hsbc repossession order[with a lot of help from this forum] it seems hsbc has diverted their attentions to my three outstanding accounts via marlin etc[still confused it its marlin or phoenix]. I have just received letter from Mortimer Clark,acting on behalf of phoenix recoveries[uk] Sarl Marlin Recoveries,asking me to acknowledge receipt.I believe i have made a few mistakes in dealing with this matter ,more in panic than solid judgement,would appreciate any help in this matter,the history so far is [will try to keep it short at this point]: hsbc to mar
  6. Hi ell-enn,thanks for help,all turned out well,sorry for delay in replying.have been away staying with friends for a while,must have upset hsbc a bit as they are now trying to get charging order via marlin etc now ,re three outstanding accounts,i have looked at recent threads,seem to be an alful lot,do i have to start another thread to help me thru this minefield,thanks trevor
  7. hi Ell-enn,hearing 12 to-day ,great result,no order issued,judge not to please with hsbc,allowed me to repay arrears at rate offered,she put on hold hearing untill early december,which is good news. hope you had a good holiday,cannot thank you enough for your help and in my case your patience regards trevor
  8. Hi i hope and pray everything will turn out fine thankyou trevor
  9. Hi thanks so much,even just discussing my problem is a great help,will keep you informed how things go,once again thank you ttrevo
  10. Hi,i am in full time employment carpet estimator with allied 27 yrs my wife is not employed gets oap pension of £179 per month both have bus passes!!!!
  11. Hi sorry forgot to mention account xxxx25 ends 1n 36 months account xxxxx05 ends 43months account xxxxxx13 no arrears one ends in 14 months thanks
  12. Hi,i am 62 wife 61 15yrs ago my company i worked for was involved in management buyout.with reult that when company floated on stock market the value of my shares was worth over 100k,rather than sale shares[major mistake in hindsight] i borrowed extra on mortage and credit cards,for extention to house ,hols.help youngest thru uni etc,always with the thought that when the time came i would sell shares,pay off debts and have a small lump sum on retiring.Company got involved in `irregular accounting` shares fell freefall,then suspended. got about £2500 in the end. i have contacted my unsecur
  13. hi accountxxxxx25 = £414.00 plus £25 per month arrears account xxxxx05 =£339.63 plus £25 per month arrears account xxxxxxxx = £79.34 no arrears [was £111.00 per month but took standard life cheque of £4222.39 of total thus reduced payments,although cannt understand why the never used this amount to reduce arrears] this is a prob as i cannot realisticaly offer much more because of other payments i have to make,do you think this would be a prob,should i offer a little bit more,knowing that come november[4 payments] arrears will not be a prob thanks trevor
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