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  1. Both of mine have been blocked by O2. I dug out the IMEI of one but the other I had no clue. The person at O2 managed to dig it out for me based on the phone model and a time frame that I gave. So even if you don't know your IMEI, the phone company does. Try ringing them anyway to see if you can brick what is technically still your own phone.
  2. From [email protected] Had this PDF attached: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1404231/Yemonia%20Limited%20Letter%20to%20Creditors%20Post%20Sec%2098%20Meeting.pdf
  3. Send an email to [email protected] asking for a form. As they've evidently completely full of male cow droppings, I wouldn't even bother any more. Their assets are apparently £1200 worth of phones... 750 phones? Who managed to come up with that valuation? If two of those are my two then they are worth at least £180 on various other sites still so I don't get how they can say 750 of them are worth 1200 quid. Which phones do they have? A bunch of Nokia 5110 all worth less than £2 each? I doubt it. They're iPhones, my Note, other smart phones etc. Even my 4 year old phone is still
  4. I updated my Action Fraud case about the meeting but nice as the guy was, it appears he didn't seem to know what was going on or why it mattered that we knew where this dodgy geezer is meant to be showing up. Information entered, case updated.. no idea if anything will come of it.
  5. Thanks BankFodder Went to London a couple of months ago and remembered the £200 - 2 adults went so lol, yep, £100ish each. I only remembered how much came out the bank for it. Not to mention this time I'd have to take my kids along and be fined by the school for them not being there etc, add in a night staying up there - not happening. Thanks for checking though. Thanks for the mention to email admin, I missed it in the other panic I've been having today. Got the form last night, been filling in now.
  6. Hi all, err so who do I want to proxy vote for me then? I certainly can't come from Cornwall on a ~£200 return train to come and hopefully get towards some of the £225 I expected for my phones. Is "Apriumben" the voice for all of us that can't be there? Is there a real name to put into the form? Cheers, T
  7. The site's IP is Russian. We're not going to get any UK authorities to care enough to do anything about the site itself. Given that it's down... good, whether they're changing it or someone up to tricks - at least new users aren't falling for it right now.
  8. OK, so with BankFodder's updated info from Companies House (the site I was on didn't say about the latest director change), I found two more cents down the back of the sofa. Nearchos Chacholiades is allegedly the current company director of c4p trading ltd. To Google! First result - some guy in Cyprus on facebook OK. 2nd result - DueDil a Nearchos Chacholiades who is ex-secretary of LPS Protect Ltd. OK 3rd result - DueDil. Director of C4p trading Ltd. Possible Match - Director of LPS Protect Ltd as Nearchos Chachuliades. (Maybe you can register for free but I just d
  9. Hey all I managed to be duped into sending my 2 phones off to these guys. Have heard nothing at all. They were on Watchdog at the end of October and mentioned in a Radio 4 show end of Nov. That address btw - 5 Spring St, is a newsagent. I phoned them yesterday and he seemed a bit vague but allegedly keeps getting recorded mail, court orders etc and he "just gives them to the courier" then said "just returns to sender". The Radio 4 programme said their mailing account (at the newsagent) hadn't yet been activated. Their "corporate" phone number lead me to some call answering
  10. Well, news just in: Cahoot accepted around 20% off - £6250 for £7500 outstanding, and Barclays have simply replied asking for details of my other creditors - but a definite result from Cahoot! Worth doing, definitely, saved me £1250
  11. Cheers Hobbie, that's basically what I've put into the letter I've put together since posting. Off to the post office......
  12. Hi, I've two loans and two current account with Barclays and Cahoot, one of each with each. I'm getting help from Dad (wooo, thanks! luv ya!) to clear them, but as he's shelling out £10k to get me out the doodoo, he wants me to try and knock them down, making a partial settlement offer. Current accounts are just about on their overdraft limits, loans are both way in arrears - Cahoot sent me a default notice 2 weeks ago today and Barclays sent me one in March but I've made an arrangement with em for now. Barclays told me that a default notice, ie pay us within 14 days or ring us
  13. Hey guys, thanks for your help. I realise that if theyre offering something, it's because they're in a corner, and are not in the business of handing money out. Ok, so if I signed the form they sent me, saying that I accept their offer of 240, thus closing this complaint, can I then be cheeky and send a letter saying thanks for the partial payment, now give me the rest?? Sounds like you're all saying to go for it. It hasnt gone to court at all yet. Would of course be better to be able to pay off my full balance and have something left over. BTW I asked for the money to be sent as a
  14. Hey phantom, Yeah, i kinda whimped outta that one really..still dont have enough faith in this whole idea......but now that I've accepted it as full and final, just signed their form that came with the offer: i cant go back now and call it part payment can i?
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