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  1. According to Wikipedia the US has 87 million credit union members........that's more than the UK population.......LOL
  2. Hi guys and sorry to butt in on the forum but does anyone know anything about Credit Unions as a means of operating an account. I believe half of the US use them in one form or another and although they don't provide credit nor do they require to examine the intimate details of your background.
  3. Lets wait for the reply. It will get read, I wrote to John Major (sounds like I make a habit of this but this is only the second time.....Honest!) in 1990 proposing a radical change to the driving test standard that would reduce road causalities, congestion and pollution forcing people onto public transport which would create the revenue to allow meaningful investment in the system and reduce the burden on the taxpayer. I got the crappiest letter back from some spotty official who hadn't a clue what I was getting at and I was so angry I tore the letter up, wish I had kept it cos guess wha
  4. Well guys, here goes. I wrote the following letter today, I'll be interested to see the reply. I wrote it rather in the throes of anger.......been severely pi??ed off by Alliance and Leicesters conduct. I have recently had Clydesdale Bank for several thousand pounds, I had over £4,000 of work from Thames Water done for nothing, I had a prominent Glasgow lawyer threaten to sue me over my late fathers estate when he was the executor of the will and I have recently had several thousand pounds from a national driving school because they screwed up my livelihood with their incompetence.
  5. I have a question although not on Jansus's post. I was successful with a claim against Clydesdale Bank and moved to A+L. A long story short but I only moved because I had dealt with a branch in Scotland (I live in Kent) and they weren't even allowed to give me my balance over the phone. The internet banking service is not only completely over the top in terms of their attempts at security but they insist you provide all your critical security information into a single page at once so if your transmission is intercepted you have just provided a fraudster with your entire life. I wrote to C
  6. Redbull565, from bitter experience, hang onto the money because your credit score is recorded with Experian or Equifax (there is another major player but I cant remember its name) and the only people that can alter it is A+L. You can get a free copy of the information held on you by Experion so get that before you do anything. The only other suggestion I can make is that you get a written agreement from them to alter the credit information which I'm 99% certain they won't do. Whoever they have recorded your default against insist that the information is accurate and factual and
  7. Bigmac, To recommend "many times" the use of the FOS is simply not enough. It suggests that it should only be used in certain cases, i.e. selectively, in which case there needs to be a criteria for its use. I was in fact told by one of the senior members on this site tha despite my claim being over £750 it would be a waste of time so I shouldn’t bother (I appreciate advice may have changed since then) and that this site had proved its existing processes work therefore there was no reason to change. I think the latest fiasco with Lloyds TSB is the thin end of the wedge. I suspect that case
  8. Dear all, I havent been on the site for a while, I have been too busy spending the £4,500 I won from Clydesdale Bank WITHOUT APPROACHING A COURT. My circumstances were complicated by me now living in England having banked with CB since 1976 so I really didn't want to have to deal with a Scottish Court from South of the Watford Gap. How did I do it?........Contrary to CAG's advice I added in a process before I went scurrying off to court worrying about whether I claim £750, £1,500 or employ the services of a lawyer (which I rather wouldn't do as in 30 years I have only had one successful r
  9. Ok my tuppenceworth on the subject of partial encashment. I have done reasonably well with CB despite their obstructive behaviour and I'll post the result of my latest skirmish with them on my post of that title. I was sent a partial settlement cheque for half the principle as is the norm, with the usual provision that if cashed it represents full and final settlement. Having thought about it for a week or two over Christmas I replied: "As for encashment of your cheque, I will await the outstanding balance before presenting it for payment, however in the event I present it
  10. Bank Fodder, just before Christmas I received an offer of one third of what Clydesdale Bank owe me, fortunatly I was in a position this year to decline it, in years gone by I would have bitten their hand off to get £1,000 just a week or so before Christmas. There are mitgating circumstances that virtually force people to accept any offer thats made. Similarly some people just aren't as persistant and determined to battle CB and YB for months on end, my claim has been going since March, albeit dropped and picked up again along with some other issues I have had with them. My contention
  11. Well well..............a cheque for £1,100 or so dropped through my door yesterday with the usual intimidating, threatening letter 'countersuing' etc. if they were that prepared to 'countersue' why didn't they sue at the time or when I first made a claim. As a good friend of mine used to say, "never make a threat you're not prepared to carry out" he also used to say "empty vessels make the most noise" but we were ****ed at the time and I think it was directed at me!....LOL Interestingly, this comes a few days after the FOS sent me a letter saying they were looking into matters, I wonder w
  12. Seems to be their cheue run time, I also got one yesterday that I'm going to have to rip up, see my post 'Clydesdale Bank obstructive behaviour' Keep going, nearly there.
  13. Good luck Brave, sure you won't need it but have it anyway. Merry Christmas.
  14. Harry, read my post in Analese's thread about not getting anything today. Your Sheriff was trying to give you a leg up telling you about the Radio 4 programe, he's obviously sympathetic so talk to him, don't be left in the dark with some obtuse phrases CB's lawyers fire at you. Don't be a victim, do some research, speak to the court and ask what 'proof being assigned' means and start from there.
  15. I hate to be negative but nobody said it would be easy. Clydesdale Bank (under the management of Yorkshire Bank) have a policy of deliberate and protracted obstructive behaviour that the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) has promised to stamp out. Unfortunately they will do nothing whilst your case is in court but watch my post, 'Clydesdal Bank Obstructive behaviour'. Before taking CB to court I have contacted the FOS to see if they can resolve matters, we shall just have to wait and see what happens. From the looks of things YB and CB are taking all their cases down to the wire in the ho
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