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  1. Thankyou for your reply it is very helpful. And believe me I agree he needs to take responsibility and would not have paid if I wasn't told I had no choice! Thank you and everyone else who has responded to my post.
  2. hmmmm the buggars!!! lol but i can claim the insurance back?
  3. ok so does this mean they can't come in without invitation for the parking offence money? And what about the money I paid them in July last year to stop them taking my goods can I claim it back or not? Oh my!!! I jnow why I didnt study law!
  4. didnt like my document said it didnt recognise it. But then I am a technophobe
  5. Let me know if it doesnt work or u can read it SAR printed and ready to post Hope this works as attachment WF.doc
  6. Yes I have the agreement ... how do I post it on here? oh I think I've worked it out! will give it a go
  7. £2000 loan in 2007 £704.71 insurances (which they said i had to have!) over 2 years Payments of £173.10 each month. however I had major personal and financial problems a year later and after they harrased me by phone and letter I ent to local office and signed new contract which allows me to pay £56 monthly...........I dont have a copy of this. I am sending a letter requesting all statements etc as I have never received one since taking out this loan. Then what do I do? I cant believe how much interest I am paying! They prey on people in extreeme circumstances a
  8. Hi, yes the mortgage is in my name and bills in my name including council tax etc etc. Thanks for your replies, it has calmed me down quite a lot, I was beginning to feel that these people could just walk in whenever they want and wipe me out! Oh one of them told me they could take what they wanted because I couldnt prove my son hadn't for instance bought the tv!
  9. they had a van on its way to collect and told me if I produced receipts within 6 days to prove i owned everything I could have it all back. None of my things are new...... most of it has been bought second hand....what chance did i have?
  10. The initial one was a court fine. This one is for unpaid parking fine £126.06 Yes the letters have been returned to them. I have lived here for over 10 years. My son is 28 yrs old and no sign of growing up! They did sort of discuss the court fine with me by saying it was from the court but would not say what it was for except to say they would acknowledge what it was if I asked specifically e.g. if I asked "was it for driving offences..no tax etc." they would say yes or no. Did I check to see if they were certificated? erm no. Had no idea what to do.
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