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  1. Hi all, After a little advice, i have a CCJ which i have been paying since oct. The due date every month is before the 18th. In feb i was ill and as such couldnt get to the bank to pay it so i sent a cheque with the payment slip. I made the mistake of it not being registered but i have not heard anythign from the company and the cheque has not been cashed yet, does anyone know where i stand in all this. Also if they say the cheque has not arrived and want to go to court again would i be notified so i could defend the fact or would the first i know about it is baliffs on the door
  2. Back in October i had a court order for a CCJ with regards to lloyds land on my door step. this was the first i knew about it having not recieved any other paper work The court had ordered me to pay £125 a month which was fine, anyway this month my wife has finished her maternity leave and due to not being able to find childcare has decided to not work. This means that i now can not aford the £125 a month, is there any way of getting this reduced.
  3. I was under the impresssion that unless they had been to the property before and obtained a walking possiosion order they could not force entry
  4. I had the same the only thing with me was the first i knew about it was when the judgement arrived
  5. Is there a template for this somewhere as i have been searching and don't seem to be able to find one
  6. So i can send them a letter stating that they were have now commited a criminal offence and that i am reporting them to OFT and TS
  7. VJR, There little known forum care to tell us. I thought this site was about helping one another not gloating
  8. I recieved a letter end of dec from a company SRJ stating that i owed RBOS in the region of £10000, i sent a cca request to them on the 2nd of jan which was recorded. I then recieved another letter from them saying thank you for the £1 payment towards the debt and i needed to contact them ref a payment plan. I sent them another letter stating that as in the first i was not acknolwdging the debt and that the £1 was for the process of the CCA. This was sent on the 8th Jan. Since then i have not heard anything including not be sent a CCA until today stating that they are intending Litigation action unless i contact them to arrange a payment plan. what can i do
  9. Hi all, Received a strange card addressed to the house but not anyone particular, from the company ECI Management services. Before i got home th other half had rung the number and the company stated they needed to confirm where I lived as they have a parcel to send. Now this sounds very dodgy so has anyone else had any dealings with this and also what they have been associated with. Many Thanks Meggyweggy
  10. I have just finished writing a letter, to the company with a big smile stating that they only have 6 days legft to comply including the date of the letter, and that i still don't acknolodge the debt. Should be fun to see what they say, that goes recorded in the morning
  11. I would hurry up though as you only have 30 days to pay in order for the judgement to be removed
  12. I would say it would be as if you do it within 30 days the CCJ will not be registered on his credit report and then as you state go through the unfair charges claim. Did he get the court forms stating that they were taking him to court for a CCJ
  13. I would imagine if you are about to stop paying for things like utlities and the such like it might be best not to inform them that you are about to declare yourself bankrupt, but i am sure someone with a little more knowledge on this will tell you
  14. God luck with them just keep pushing and dont give in to their demands. I have learnt at lot from this site, and the biggest one is not to be bullied by them
  15. Hi all, I sent a CCA request to a DCA that states it owns a debt i am suposed to have with them. Instead of providing me with a CCA for the account they have sent a letter stating many thanks for the £1 payment on the accoutn. I am in the process of writing a kind reply telling them that it was a CCA request and that they have x amount of days to comply. Can someone please tell where were it gives the 12 day limit and also what action i take if they dont comply. Many Thanks Meggy
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