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  1. hi my wife started a claim against nat west in october and got to the stage of asking for the money back. but because of family matters we didnt have time to continue with the claim. shes thinking of re starting the clame (if she can?) but has heard of this company [edit] they say they do everything for you and as payment they take 10% of your settlement. we are very busy all the time so it sounds good. but we didnt whant to rush into this without asking if anyone has heard/used them thanks Moderator note: Please do not post links to commercial organisations on CAG
  2. Hi i sent the letter asking for money back to my branch and i recived a reply from Natwest saying that they were looking into my claime and would get back to me in 14 days. but they havent got back to me. do i wait for a reply or do i send the LBA?? thanks for the help
  3. Hi i, like everyone else have had enough of the banks getting richer off our misery:mad: , so i am reclaming back my charges from NATWEST. i have recived my statments but i dont know where to send my refund request letter to. please can someone help me with this. thanks for the help. Seann:p
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