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  1. I can't make the OFT link work. Can anyone help?
  2. The links in the Court Bundle don't seem to work. Is it me?
  3. Back again. Tried to find an incidence of going a tint amount over the OD limit and can only find one with the balance that actually doesn't show the amount going over the limit - it's one of those mysterious something must have been in transit ones that I'm sure all Abbey customers are familiar with. Should I use that - these rest are on microfiche and don't show the balance.
  4. Duh, just read it properly - I need the Abbey one!
  5. Thank you CJ. I must admit that this claim has taken so long I thought there might have been some general ruling that would mean I didn't have to go this far. I'm not sure which statement of evidence to use though. Their defence refers to Conditions and the contract (point 3) and penalty charges in point 8. No doubt this is a pretty standard defence and someone else will have seen it.
  6. Hi All Obviously I haven't posted for ages but I have got my Court Date for Abbey. I now need to supply a schedule of charges, Copies of the relevant statements and a statement of my own evidence - is this the basic court bundle? This claim is taking on epic proportions - it took ages from filing the allocation questionnaire to get to this stage!
  7. Hi everyone. Happy New Year to you all! Sent off my LBA before Christmas, hoever didn't send it recorded delivery. ShAbbey seem to be ignoring me or they haven't received the letter. Should I give them a quick call to check they have got it? Officially their 7 days were up on 25/12.
  8. Ouch..... That makes things more complicated.
  9. I've just opened an account with Halifax to cover my back. They've given me £1000 O/D facility. I believe A+L will match your existing O/D (and you can get £50 if you do it through Quidco). At the end of the day it's up to you, Abbey have really annoyed me!
  10. They may well try to close your account but I think they would have to give you notice. It is recommended that you open another bank account just in case. I would n't accept the £380 they seem to be plucking figures out of the air at the moment. (I claimed £523 and was offered £35 where as someone who only claimed £300 was offered £50!) ShAbbey seem to making up rules as they go along.
  11. Haven't posted for ages, but we're up to the gesture of goodwill stage (£35 for my claim of £523 - they're obviously having a laugh, as someone who only claimed £300 got £50). Going to send the LBA letter and thank them for the partial payment. I wonder if today's publicity is going to make any difference to how the banks handle these claims?
  12. Thanks Michael, was wondering if they'd set up a special department yet LOL!
  13. I'm ready to send my prelim letter to ShAbbey. Which address should it go to? The statements came from Bradford.
  14. Sorry I meant livelylad (can't read today either!). Sarah13 I only received the microfiche records today and funnily enough it is day 39! I'm only(!) claiming £410 so I think I'll skip the interest. Good Luck with your claim.
  15. Thanks likelylad. My claim isn't for a great amount so the interest probably wouldn't be worth the hassle of working it out.
  16. Hi I'm relatively new to the site and have actually managed to get my microfiche records from Abbey. I'm about to send the prelim letter but don't understand the interest bit. I'm probably being really stupid, but can someone explain it to me in simple terms? TIA:-)
  17. I received all my microfiches statements in the post today - funnily enough it's day 39!:grin:
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