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  1. Have you made an offer of repayment of any kind? Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules Book 13 exerpts that may be of use in regards to the way a firm acts when a customer is in arrears -A firm must deal fairly with any customer who is in arrears on a regulated mortgage contract -Using reasonable efforts to reach an agreement with a customer over the method of repaying any payment shortfall -Liase with a 3rd party source of advice regarding the payment shortfall (usually the CAB) -repossessing the property only when all other reasonable attempts to resolve the position have fa
  2. I would give the Information Commissioner a chance to look into it, Under the Data Protection Act 1998 it is illegal for a firm to keep inaccurate data about an individual, you can apply to take it to court to have it removed but only do this once the ICO has looked at it. Sorry cant be of more help, am having the same problem with RBS and CRA....
  3. If they do go through your friends employer declare to the evil payday company that it has caused 'public humiliation' under the Data Protection Act 1998 and that if they do not write as requested that you will take it to the Information commissioner
  4. Just a quick note if you want to chase compensation from Swinton due to thier negligence, they are OBLIGED under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme as Motor Insurance is compulsoryto give you 100% of anything you have paid, dont accept offers
  5. I would ask the CAB and ask about 'The Unfair terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999' in the fairness section it states that contracts should: -Be fair -Adhere to the requirement of good faith -not cause a significant imbalance in respect of the rights and obligations of the various parties to the contract to the detriment of the consumer
  6. Sadly to start a bank you would need FSA authority on Regulated Services, Capital Adequacy of 8% minimum, other various Basel II compliances and lots and lots and lots of money....amongst other bits. Hence as mentioned previously in the thread there is a tight market on retail banks and it seems it is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future... It is possible as also mentioned to start a Credit Union though with a few investors.. Failing that yeah try to the interenet [causing problems]...lol
  7. Afternoon All, a query hopefully someone may be able to advise on, when i was a bit younger (end of 03 beginning 04) I set up an agreement with Chase Saunders to reduce monthly outgoing etc, however with the repayment to a Lloyds TSB loan they didnt put the money into the loan account but everytime work paid me they put the money in my Lloyds TSB account, despite me telling them this they continued to do this, they said they would sort it, anyways long story short I ended up with a default notice for over £1000, bank account frozen, all wages taken to cover Lloyds TSB loan and in a worse posit
  8. I sure will as soon as I can will be in the next couple of days. PTP havent called or rang since, bless them...
  9. Trading Standards have now been in touch again and are looking at the loan agreement and are not happy that LBL do not show at least 'typical APR %' on marketing products. Will keep you all posted.
  10. Theyve been on the email and fone today after i sent an email stating they had broken thier agreement by phoning my work etc, it was right sarcastic and snotty so i've forwarded it to the financial ombudsman asking if this is how a company should present itself and deal with customers. Tis good winding up the william tracey bloke at PTP, what an idiot
  11. If you discover that they dont give trading standards a quick email, within 3 days they contacted me and i know they have been to the store in question and are now pursuing things further
  12. Spoke to Trading Standards, now, an interesting point that people can 'join in' on, if you signed your agreement in a premises, did LBL have posters or signs up advertising thier services? If so, did they state an APR rate? by CCA law/standards they are required to do so on the posters signs etc. Trading standards would like to hear about any of these so if you would like to preverbally stick one up LBL please dig a bit and see if these 'pre-contract' APR rates were showing!!! of not complain to Trading Standards!
  13. Thats genius i may have to do the same. I was stuck on the 'merry-go-round' and had enough. I am waiting for PTP to pass the debt to clarity as they wont listen, accept, or acknowledge any proposal.
  14. Just a query, i was unfortunate enough to have to take a small loan with LBL, it is paid to date and i have no problems there, however, upon re-reading my contract they have mis-spelt my name and the location where they signed the agreement(cash converters) has no notified 'typical APR %' anywhere on the premisies for LBL. How legal is this? Should I complain to OFT?:?
  15. I havent heard anything about the £1300 charges I'm claimning back but today I randomly got refunded £110 charges from over the past 6 months so I contacted Abbey and apparently it was because my account had been 'in good standing' however when asking about the rest was fobbed off to the Bradford complaints office and told to wait for the OFT Test case outcome...hhhhmmmm, I shall keep pestering them and at least i have a new angle, 'you could refund £110, surely that is a sign of admission charges are unfair...'
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