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  1. Latin, according to Google translate it's Hold thy peace and go thy way I can think of a few more modern versions.
  2. Yes, they could get into a lot of trouble if I had a secret spy cam over the door to video and audio record it. But so would anyone who knowingly breaks the law and gets caught, and so would anyone who inadvertently breaks the law not realising that what they are doing is illegal, unlawful or criminal. That does not mean that cowboy outfits won't try it on, thinking that an elderly or mentally ill person would be too confused and panic-stricken to know what's going on. Many Thanks PS What are the few, well-chosen words?
  3. Yes, I understand that, but has anyone heard of this sort of thing being done by private companies sub-contracted by local authorities, rather than just criminals, burglars, fraudsters etc? Many Thanks
  4. My understanding is that you are not allowed to bug someone or record others, but you can record your own conversations. So I will read the links and info posted here in case I am wrong. Anyway, the DWP policy is irrelevant, it's what the law allows that matters. They cannot have a policy which is at odds with the law.
  5. I have browsed around for quite a while and cannot find where this should be posted, but as I have several disabilities, maybe a moderator could move it to the correct sub-forum if this is the wrong place? The internet is full of stories of burglars, con men and thieves posing as police in order to gain unlawful access to a property. But do any of the experts here have any information on private companies subcontracted by local Council authorities doing the same? IE, sound like they are banging down the door of a vulnerable (or fully fit) person's home and saying they are Metrop
  6. OK, I realise that contacting them sooner may have helped but I have difficulty with phone calls. Thanks
  7. Thanks very much. I have been on full pay but recently half-pay/SSP. I hope to be back at work before that falls to zero and I lose my job completely. Thanks again.
  8. OK, thanks very much, I'll copy that advice and I'll try e-mailing the department the liability order came from. I don't think I'll qualify under "seriously ill", but I haven't worked since March and I'm seeing doctors regularly. I wasn't hospitalised, but my health has been failing for a long time. When you say "Ask the council to take this back", you mean set aside the Liability Order and call off the bailiffs? Thank you so much for the help.
  9. I pay my Council Tax by Standing Order. As it is for 10 months, it stops in February and March and I re-activate it in April. I have been quite ill for several months and forgot to re-activate the Standing Order in April. I never got a reminder about it but the Council wrote and said they were taking me to court. So I paid the missing two payments for April and May and carried on paying monthly in June and July on the 1st of the month. I got a Magistrate's Summons when it was too late to attend and I was too ill anyway. Then I got a letter from the Council telling me a Liability Order
  10. This is an appaling story, you have my deepest sympathies. It's the mindless stupidity of these companies which is so frustrating, isn't it? I would also suggest: 1. get an excercise book or note pad and keep a diary of all your phone calls with a note of what was said and agreed and the name of the person you spoke to; 2. don't rely on 'phone calls alone - also summarise things in a letter and put everything they agree to do on the 'phone in writing and keep a copy in a file. This will create a dosier you can pass a copy of to the Ombudsman (I'm assuming you have a PC and pri
  11. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I have just found out that they are an ALMO which is wholly owned by the local Borough Authority and have taken over managing the publically-owned housing stock on the borough's behalf. They are managed by some sort of "board" of five residents, five member's of the organisation and five "independent people". In order to get details of their policies, standard operating procedures, audit procedure etc, I assume I use the Freedom of Information Act, rather than the Data Protection Act? The next question is how do I go about this? I am not claiming back b
  12. Is there a formal process one has to go through to use the Freedom of Information Act? E.G. are there forms to use, fees to pay etc. Do I need to quote the relevant part of the act and so on? Cheers! ~
  13. I'm not sure if they are a straight-forward Housing Association or an Arm's length body. They are managing the estate on behalf of the local borough authority. I agree with most people's comments, at least it seems common sense to me in a free democracy, but my tenancy agreement says that I must allow them access "...at all reasonable times.... "for other management purposes". They are saying that the audit is part of estate management and if I don't let them in I am in breach of contract, which gives them grounds for eviction. So far, my main concern is that they were setting appointment
  14. Well, they say my address was randomly selected for a tenancy audit and that they are allowed access at all reasonable times "for other management purposes", as well as in emergencies and to inspect for damage. I'm inclined to tell them to off it and prove in court that I am not the tenant, but if they can evict me for not letting them in, they won't have to prove that I'm not the tenant. I just don't think this is reasonable, although it seems it happens on other estates. I have to prove who I am, my date of birth and provide recent bills, statements etc to show I am living there and tha
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