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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi there, Have not been on the site for a while as I have already made one successful claim against the Abbey back in April 2006. Have been reviewing my Bank Statements over the last 12 months and added up that the Abbey have charged me nearly £1000 in fees since my last claim. I have added the fees up and sent them a preliminary letter and a letter before action but as yet nothing from them apart from the standard complaint acknowledgement letter. Its now time for me to complete the court papers and get the claim lodged. What I need to know from you guys/gals is has there b
  3. Hi there, This is probably my last post under this thread. Abbey paid a cheque for £3333.65 into my account on the 7th June at Milton Keynes. I checked my account this morning and the cheque has cleared (you never know! it could have bounced !!). Yes I won !!!! Many thanks to all of you on this site for your help and I hope this thread helps many others in there fight against the banks. I will be forwarding a donation this evening towards the running of this site. Regards Tim
  4. Hi there, Well good news at last. I received a letter in the post this morning from Abbey's solicitiors it reads as follows: - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr Dunlop Without Prejudice RE: Yourself -v- Abbey National PLC - Derby County Court - Claim No. ******** Following your recent letter regarding the settlement of the above claim I can confirm our client is prepared to accept your counter offer of £3333.65 This payment of £333.65 represents full and final settlement of your claim, but of course withou
  5. Hi there, Well I finally got a reply from Abbey's Solicitors today, here it is in full: - "Mr Dunlop I acknowledge receipt of your counter offer both by post and by email, I am taking instruction from my client and will respond as soon as possible. Regards Jodie Bilsland Trainee Solicitor DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary UK LLP T: + 44 (0) 113 369 2919 F: + 44 (0) 113 369 2999" Guess I just need to play the waiting game. In the meantime I am going to reply to this e-mail telling them they have until 8th June to reply otherwise I will continue with my claim fo
  6. Hi there, Letter was posted to them this afternoon first class recorded. Incidentally I received a copy of their defence and my allocation questionnaire this morning, this needs to be returned to the court by 12th June if the case is to continue. I have a couple of reasons why I would settle for 75% now rather than waiting to see if they do ever offer 100%. The fees on my account were down to poor accounting by me, I am alot better with money now than I used to be. I understand that the banks need to cover their costs and I think that the 25% they are not repaying me will mor
  7. Hi there, I have always traditionally used snail mail, but thought this time I would try e-mail. They obviously are not replying so I have tonight printed the letter and will send it 1st class recorded tomorrow morning. Thanks for your advice. Regards Tim
  8. Hi there, I have e-mailed Abbey's solicitors and told them that I am not willing to accept their offer, I have however told them that I am willing to settle out of court for 75% of the claimed amount plus the court fee. I e-mailed them (DLA Piper) on 18th May and got no reply, I have e-mailed them again on 23rd May and as yet I have not had a reply. Heres a copy of the e-mail I sent: - "Dear Miss Bilsland, WITHOUT PREJUDICE In reply to your letter dated 17th May 2006. I have reviewed your offer and I must decline your offer of £2262.43 in full and final settlement
  9. Hi there, Postman knocked the door this morning at 8.45am with a Special Delivery letter from Abbey's solicitors. Enclosed was a copy of the defence that Abbey are filing against my claim and a covering letter. The covering letter had an interesting paragraph in it : - "You will see from the Defence that Abbey takes issue with your claim on a number of points. For the purpose of this letter, though, I should like to mention in particular that your claim seems to be based on an argument that you should not pay any charges at all. I would, however, ask you to consider that it ca
  10. Hi there, Just a quick update. Abbey do not seem to have responded to my claim. The filed an acknowledgement of service which gave them until 18th May to file a defence or admit the claim. Tomorrow is the 18th and as yet nothing. I will phone the court tomorrow to see if they have heard anything. What happens if they don't do anything by tomorrow ?? Any advice. Regards Tim
  11. Hi Chardonnay123, No I have never received one of these, will let you know if one arrives in the next few days. Regards Tim
  12. Hi there, I have today received a letter from a firm of solicitors called 'DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary'. The letter states: - " We enclose a Notice of Change of Solicitor on behalf of the Defendant in this case. This notice has also been filed at court." Is this significant or not ?? Regards Tim
  13. Hi there, I have received a form N10 'Notice that acknowledgement of service has been filed' from the court today. It states on the form: - "The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim" Looks like I might have a fight on my hands. Regards Tim
  14. Hi there, Well today did not go entirely to plan. I was hoping Abbey would not file a defence and that I would win the claim by default. No such luck, although having read the thread today from Neilp with regard to winning claims by default, Abbey would have probably used the excuse that they had not had the paperwork and applied to the court to have the judgement set aside. I spoke to the court at 10.40am this morning and was told no defence had been filed by the Abbey, I decided to wait until just before the court closed at 4pm before confirming this. I rang again at 3.50pm and w
  15. Hi there, Just a quick update for anyone thats interested. I received my form N205A (Notice of Issue) from the court a few days ago. It states that the claim was sent to the Abbey on 18th April 2006 and it was deemed to be served on 20th April 2006. Abbey have until Thursday 4th May to reply (tomorrow). I contacted the court when my N205A arrived and the clerk told me the defendant has until 4pm on the 4th May 2006 to issue a reply. I will be contacting the court again tomorrow to see if they have had a reply, because I have not heard anything from the Abbey. If nothing by 4pm t
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