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  1. well done you i filed my n1 on wednesday.Will watch your thread.GL
  2. Hi coppertop how much was your claim for and did you claim contractural interest? How long did it take from issuing the n1?
  3. well if you read around the site i think everyone just claims.I think they trying to put you off.
  4. john you just need to file at court now as i think we have all had those "this is our final offer and there wiil be no more".So if you have your spreadsheet ready claim!
  5. good for you hope they pay mine out as quick as that.Would love a holiday this year!
  6. too late to ring as i got my copies from court this morning. Think i will just wait and see or do you think i should amend it asap.
  7. help Filled in n1form wrong asked for the s69 thing did not understand. I am claiming contractural.What shoul i do wait and see?
  8. well congratulations to you all. Hope you all fine.
  9. will be watching your threadas i sent n1 on wed 20th this week but as my account is still open i did not get gogw put into account so i just refused it
  10. Well i finally loaded the pdf on to my computer so i could download the n1 form and i eventally took it to my local court yesterday.Wonder what happens now?
  11. it sure is ignorance.Got to go now up early tommorrow thanks for the replies
  12. so do you believe that with a pushy telephone call you could get A reault?
  13. does abbey ever settle without a fight? You woul think that the courts would be sick of them by now and give judgements against them sooner as they must know they wont turn up.
  14. Have you rang them yet to see if they will settle before court date?
  15. wellyoushould be able to go to vampiress chambers and upload the spreadsheet to google. or the link from ukaviator the zen thing once you have done it you will think hooray what was all thebother about.GL.
  16. Personally i would just file the claim no need to send another lba.
  17. coxey not totally sure what you are doing with this but what you should do is a spreadsheet of a list of your charges.Go to the blank templates and then spreadsheets use the one for the credit cards print it out and you definately claim all of this. The interest is on each charge not the interest you get charged for borrowing the money. Hope this is clearer.
  18. mcol was easy and A&l entered defence and proceeded immediately to pay up.
  19. alice em please stick out for the rest they will pay. They paid me it is all your money as you say you need the cash.Just think what you could do with the extra.Keep at it.
  20. Thanks i know how to do it now
  21. Well i am over my overdraft with Abbey( I know i am as they took £245 of charges which i am claiming back) out of the account on Tuesday.So in effect they have made me overdrawn.I will let you know what happens
  22. Well i got all my money off them from what i remember they defended then i got paid. Tell them you will accept as partial and you will get the rest.
  23. my guess is they win and do not post. This is because if they needed more advice they would be on here asking.
  24. Paintball can you empty your pm box as it is full and i cannot send you a message thanks
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