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  1. oh i have been i have a feelingi will have another week at least to wait.
  2. youre quite welcome i am so pleased you replied.
  3. You are a godsend painty as no one been replying to my posts. Any how what do you reckon about the interest rate a few have only been getting purchase interst or 8%.
  4. that is great news i filed n1 on 21st june recieved acknowledgement and intention to defend so i think i have a bit to wait yet.
  5. Why did it say do not do it online was it because it was Sunday? I cannot see the reasoning asother people do it online. Try it again tonight it may work.GL.:-|
  6. DO it now it is not as scary as you think.If however you have too much money dont bother.lol.You dont need to worry about court bundles yet.Do It NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sorry i mis read the thread.IF I find a different no like one for thier solicitors will let you know.
  8. gosh i do talk to myself alot on this site.lol.
  9. Well the statement could have been done before the award was made and the person at the end of the phone probs not been informed of award made. I would not bother if your cheque dont arrive in the next 7 days i would ring their solicitors or whoever said they were settling and ask where it is.
  10. well got letter from court today saying the defendant filed an acknowledgement of service on 28th June. The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all the claim. What next?
  11. oops all the links are on the previous reply.Just use them.:o
  12. You really need to read a few threads on this site. You should now be sending your LBA final letter before court action. I added interest on mine and sent a schedule of charges at this stage.Then when they wont pay up after 14 days you take them to court.You will need a n1 form or you can do MCOL whichever you prefer.If I knew how to direct you to links for this i would but alas i am not that clever.However if you read a few threads you should come accross the things you need. If I have helped in any way please click my scales.
  13. Gosh i am thick will carry on.Thanks.
  14. well never thought of that as we would none of us have missed payments if we had no charges.will be interesting to see what replies you get.
  15. good for you look forward to that cheque.
  16. Typical isnt it you waited and waited bet you did not know whether to curse them or be glad you got them.I would keep in the N1 claim as you not got the Microfiche stuff yet, then when you do you must be able to claim the fee back.
  17. hi how are you getting on with your claim? Any news yet must be nearly one month now.
  18. Just the poc as i was not sure of the interest I did 30% which is 4% less than on thier website at the minute, however since then i have found that mine is 12.9%. I presume cap one will just pay out that rate when they pay up.?
  19. hi anyone out there? Filed n1 to cap one with wrong interest rate mine should be 12.98% i did 30% big difference. What should i do?
  20. ok that is bad hope you get all you can off them then.
  21. phone them up I did and they came about two days later.I said i was getting investigated by the tax office the guy on the other end of the phone was really nice and did as he said.
  22. ok so what you mean is they are trying to fob me off?
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