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  1. looks like i am going to have to take them to court as they have said once again that autofinance is different and i cannot claim them back. LOL we shall see.
  2. sending letter of partial acceptance and going for the rest.
  3. Had a think about this and you could ASAP send them a letter telling them of your intentions and asking for the money to be paid directly into your bank account.At least then you have been very fair to them and given them every opportunity to pay.
  4. Hi Doo have you accepted yet the £200 does seem a bit stingy on thier behalf doesnt it as Your diff was £1000 was it not.WIll keep watching to see what happens.I am going to accept as partial and negotiate the rest I hope.
  5. you could try ringing them.As the money credited supposedly to your account should be there and showing a nil balance.suppose bailiffs could be the order of the day.
  6. DOO i am very grate ful for your reply to my post.
  7. Well i know everyone says to keep claim whole but am temted to take partial and fight for the rest as we can all prove on here they pick and choose who they pay what to. I rang them and they said send a letter in contesting the interest.
  8. Well i think they may come to a mid way settlement as i rang them and they said i had to put in writng to them that i was not happy with the payment.So dont write anything off yet try sending them a letter i am going to.
  9. i would take the date of service as 20th of july.I would do it asap as you haveuntil then to do it. I would think the biggest defence could be that they pick and choose who topay cci to as we know because of the claims paid out.Wishful thinking maybe?
  10. well i got a letter like yours and am in a quandry as to whether to go any further.Did not get the cci it was £1300 difference only paintball has answered my thread if i get anymore advice will let you know as answers for some of us on this forum are few and far between.Was yours a big difference in money? If it is just the default and you are not in great need for the mone I would press them for it.
  11. Thanks painty I it is only the inteest i am not sure on.I am not at all frightened of taking them on
  12. it would be so good if someone anyone ever replied to my posts or gave me advice i always seem to have to ask.Others do not seem to have this problem why is this? I got my letter from caap1 this morning sayin they refunded my charges of £1112 and court fee of £120 and they said I calculated the interest wrong they say it is £423.63 of purchase interest. They said that it means i have had 0% interest on all purchases for the length of my account .They have also refunded £204.63 for the 8% interest I am entitled to claim under section 69 of the county courts act. I claimed £1808.41. My claim went back more than 6 years and i charged them 30% but apparently my purchase interest rate is 14.5% even so it is no where near the claim.Think i am going to continue butnot sure about the rate of interest.
  13. well i been refunded but not at the interest rate i requested.so happy but not deleriously so.Waiting for letter from them think i am going to fight for the extra interest £1300.
  14. Well checked online account and been refunded but not the cci at 30% reckon i only got 8%.Dont know what to do.
  15. Karhuss same thing happened to me have Pm'd you with the details dont think i got cci but not sure would you take a look see what you think please
  16. You seem to have been paid out pretty quick.Well done you. I filed my n1 on 21st june had an acknowledgement but nothing else.hopefully this week might bring something.
  17. Karhaus you are at the same stage as me i filed on 20th got a letter within the week to say they intend to defend so like you i am just waiting.
  18. well was hoping for 21 days i think that is the norm but whatever just so long as they pay out.
  19. you heard anything yet.I have had an acknowledgement saying they going to defend but no money yet.
  20. Well i typed in the spreadsheet amount of charge the date it incurred and the computer told me the interest.I only claimed on the charges.
  21. Well lets hope they pay up before it gets that far.
  22. seems like a million miles away.well can only wait.I wonder why some people get cci and some dont. There will be some reasoning in it.
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