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  1. why? oh and who is the Mrs Sowerby?
  2. well i do think what can i lose now? possibly my aq fee?
  3. The thing is i only want what is fair i did not even charge them puchase interest only 30% intereston the charges i had to unlawfully pay which in turn left me short to pay other things which in turn led to more charges.etc.etc.I try to earn an honest crust too.I also am willing to compromise with them.
  4. well got no cheque yet nor any reply to the email i sent them.
  5. it is such aquandry isn't it but i ask would we let someone pinch £1300 pound of ours. I dont think so and if we accept partial surely we got nothing to lose if we persue it.
  6. What you done then i not got a cheque yet 14 days up tommorrow but it does say 14 working days.Oh i never gota reply to my email.
  7. I got no cheque either but if you read the letter again it is 14 working days. even so i thought i would have had it by now.
  8. Just the one on the statements I was really nice to them said i was wondering what the interest rates were as i was debating whether to trans fer other debts on to their card and they just told me.LOL Give it a go you got nothing to lose.
  9. i totally understand but all the same it is stressfull.Give them one last call and ask them what day they sent the cheque or what date they will be tranferring money and then if they cannot give you an answer ask why not and record the conversation if you can it should all help.
  10. Well i claimed 30% it was a guess if i am honest but i have just rang them and it seems at the moment i have been charged 14.06% purchase interest and 24.15% cash advance so i reckon i should have gone for the 24.15%.After all it is a csh advance they have had.I have sent nothing to the courts so dont know why i got the aq will fill it in by 30th if i do not hear from them.
  11. Got an email address here [email protected] you could maybe send a partial acceptance to them see what they say?
  12. Hi there did the manager not say why it was not there?
  13. Will let you know what they say.
  14. what do you reckon to my interst rate?
  15. congratulations i got a settlement but £1300 short of what i asked for so you enjoy while i fight forthe rest.
  16. Just read a thread and it made me think i didspread sheet on google at 30% but not sure now if it was cci how would i know?I just typed in 30% interest would it automatically compound it for me.
  17. Well i got an aq to fill in today have to do it by 30th july so will have to find £100 and some info as i dont think they will settle in full by then.
  18. Well I phoned them up to see if they would settle and got a no way so going to have to take them to court. They adamently say that auto finance and loans is not covered by oft ruling and i will not get any money/
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