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  1. apart from paint ball does anyone reckon i will get any more money from them/or know of anyone who has?
  2. does this oft case not suspend your case at court then?
  3. Got the cheque and it is supposed to clear on friday but got a letter from court giving me another 7 days for aq.
  4. sowerby17

    cap one

    who is debitas my oh keeps getting callsfrom them on behalf of cap one. He has failed by £50 to keep to an arrangement with them. I think this is what it is about.
  5. it is 28 days from the date it was deemed served but you will get your offer very soon
  6. HI i got my cheque this morning i sent an email to [email protected] she is quite friendly and i always put kind regards and then my name at the end of each email it seems to have paid off.
  7. got cheque today so can i not just take it to barclays and get the cash?
  8. sounds good to me will do just that will give both your scales a click.
  9. Good Luck hope you get every last penny as they have messed you about something shocking!
  10. check your online account that is when youy will first find out what and when you have been paid .Do it every day
  11. look eveyone has posted on here nothing to do with the thread started.Yet when i need an answer to an important question where is everyone?Excluding Jubaxt.PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  12. yes it comes around nine. even so if i bank it tommorrow it will not have cleared by monday and what will i put on aq?
  13. hope so but what do i do if it dont arrive???????????????????????????
  14. oh and i have rang them 2 days ago and they said i would have it by friday. We shall see.
  15. 9th july s the date i reckon they have until tommorrow
  16. Hi all well i have only been away for 24 hours and cannot believe what has been going on here i am supposed to file aq on 30th july but if my cheque had come from cap one i may not have bothered. Now here is my quandry i will have to wont i as i have not got the cheque so in effect i have not been paid out I have rang them and they say it is on its way but ?Any one any ideas?
  17. Sorry for sounding thick but does that mean the bailiffs have gone in?
  18. i would like mine so i can have a hol.lol.
  19. well then all this fratching not helping anyone lol. What do i do got aq to fill in by 30th july but not got a cheque from capone either so doubt it would clear by then.help!
  20. well jubaxt i reckon we wont get any more but the cheque itself would be nice.
  21. you seemto be sure on that painty my cci should have been 24% not the 30% i asked for but then 30% is less than 34% tht they charge folk
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