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  1. Hi thanks for the info guys i spoke to someone from halifax today and they said that once the accounts get to a certaine stage than thay are automatically sent out.They have put all calls on hold as i said i would send in a soa as done by the cccs as to what i can and cannot pay so hopefully will come to some agreement with them.
  2. Himy oh and i have both had cards to say that someone from the halifax is going to visit our home about our credit card debts.Can they do this and if so is there anything i can do to stop it.Did have a nasty phone call from one of them last week but he never mentioned a home visit.
  3. if i settle up with them why will they turn nasty? Do you mean regarding the charges.Iam tempted to remortgage to get shot of them even though i will pay extra per month, due to arrears.
  4. hi all i am being taken to court by GE money for a suspended posession order on my home on 1st April I owe them £2100 plus my next months installment of £575. Now i think i will be able to pay this off before then as my oh has his tax free lump sum from his pension due to him. The thing is i have charges of £800 on my account from ge (only had the loan 1 year) this is £40 per month for late payments and solicitors fees for the court order. Is there anything i can do to get them back.I believe i do not have to pay them yet but i still think it is a shocking amount of money to have to pay them.
  5. he is right that is your net profit after all what you have after you pay tax is what your take home pay would be if you were employed. You could self cert but you will pay a slightly higher interest rate
  6. can they persue through the courts? i wanted to offer a pyments plan type of thing but they say they want the whole thing at once.Is this unreasonable?
  7. hi pinky thought that as it was a car poan it could be reposessed?
  8. Hi all had a car poan with ge money and it was due to finish last may but due to a drop in income i could not pay what they wanted when they wanted it so they have now sold the debt to link financial who are wanting the whole amount at once£378 or they are taking me to court. Any one any suggestions. they are ringing me today.
  9. Hi it will go back to ge money then you could maybe negotiate.pay them something each month what you can afford it is better than nothing.
  10. That is great lula you a truly a great help.
  11. Thanks lula will do that I think account is already in dispute as i told them over the phoned when i lodged a complaint against them that i was going to claim the charges back and if i had not recieved any charges then i would not owe them anything. I pay £100 per month but really cannot afford this. could i reduce the payments or stop them altogether when i have started court proceedings?
  12. Hi all Last year i started proceedings against abbey and got as far as a goodwill gesture from them but never took it any further as could not afford to. I am now on working and family tax credits so will get court fees paid so will start court proceedings I got £950 from a £3000 claim and i have had more charges since.Now however they have withdrawn my overdraft £1450 and with charges i owe £1900 i pay in a £100 per month but they said this is not enough and i have been issued with a default notice that if i do not pay eveything back within 28 days it will come into force.Obviously i do not want this to happen.What do i do Anyone plese?
  13. so is it any good for us lot i am not very understanding of all this jargon
  14. I read this article in the sun today and the bother is it does not state times as when i first read it i thought high court had stopped proceedings and they were going to pay out anyone who claimed.Obviously i was wrong
  15. Hi all has anyone on here been paid out since the oft case.Should i send my claim into the court now?
  16. Well just accepting the offer did not dothe aq did not have the £100 to do it intime. Never mind. Will donate once cheque cleared. unfortunatleyput it in building society and takes two weeks to clear
  17. If that is the whole amount then i think you would tell the court that they have paid up. bet you were thrilled when you got it.
  18. set aside for what to keep the bailiffs from going in? Well hopefully you will get your money soon have you got it today in the post? Can you check your account? Hold out for the cci make them pay it you have already got the bailiffs in place they must be bricking it by now hence the set aside.I would not worry think you will just get your pennies.
  19. sowerby17


    Well doo only got another £200 no where near what he asked for
  20. sowerby17


    well look everyone says keep claim whole but i reckon if you keep what you have been paid and then accept as patial settlement then you cant lose.What do you think?
  21. sowerby17


    hi has anyone on here claimed cci from cap one and then been paid out charges plus 8% then gone on to win the rest at court.
  22. yes that sounds about right to me but i have read they pay out cci if that works out cheaper than the standard rate of interest on the account. Dont know of any one who has won cci after cap one have offered them the standard 8%
  23. thanks dpick think i will do that not many charges though maybe £100 better in our pocket than thiers though
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