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  1. can they do this even without the cca request?
  2. hi lula I had no reason to think i should need to turn up as i paid the arrears and they said they woul.d cancel proceedings i had no reason not to believe them!
  3. Re quote should i phone ge money? I am really annoyed with them i would have gone to the court or at least sent a letter.also as payments are up to date what can they do?
  4. i would get rid of them by getting a loan with someone else but i now owe them £42000 I only borrowed £38000!
  5. oh it says i need to be out on the 29th april
  6. well how were they allowed to do it in the first place?
  7. Hi all well what a rage i had this morning got two letters from the court sayingthey had given ge money reposession of my home after i paid the arrears before the court date. i rang and paid over the phone and was told reposession would be cancelled so obviously i did not go to court Why would I? So apparently there was a hearing to which their representative was there but the defendant (me) was not. So the judge granted them reposession order. To say i am raging is an understatement. For one I have been taken to court when i should not have been.2, as a result i was not there to defend myself.I have not even rang them yet as i think i should write threatening them with a solicitor.
  8. stop paying and they will contact you. they will default you if you dont pay but gosh i would like to see them try anything else.gl
  9. well only had a bit of wine left tonight but will be out tommorrow!!!
  10. yes and sorry but i think you have paid them far too much money already. They must have known that it was unusual as for it being a cleaner doubt they would know any one in england.
  11. ok well only some one who knew it was there would take it after all did they take anything else?
  12. gosh i would never have paid them for what i had not used you were in the dom rep with a passport to prove it. Why are you paying?
  13. that is shocking 20k ppi there should be laws against ripping people off. Hope you enjoying the whisky think there are only a few of us sad souls on here on a friday night. congratulations on living within your means alas there are drawbacks as in staying but hey no more debt has to be worth it!
  14. not sent the cca to the unsecured ones yet something wrong with printer. Will get round to it eventually. I keep paying them £1 a month although to be truthfull i pay some more than others, just 10% of the balance as they have frozen interest. One good thing that has come from this i check my bank account everyday and not gone overdrawn for the last 5 months good going for me.
  15. Well paid ge £2100 of the arrears and they have agreed to let me pay the other £575 £25 per month xtra to my payments. Wow they helped a little still i would love the loan to be with some one else as i owe them £900 in charges er i have only had the loan for one year! SHOCKING!!!!!!
  16. THAT MADE ME LAUGH PRIORITY ONE, but at the end of the day i do owe some of the money i actually believe that about one third will be charges so will attempt to claim it back as for the rest not sure yet.
  17. Hi debts are with buchannon clark and wells-Halifax impact collection services-vanquis.
  18. Gold lady i wholeheartedly agree and would love to be shot of them I do not even want to pay them the arrears but know i will have to to stop court case but will be looking to be rid of them in the next few weeks!
  19. priorityone you mention there are ways of finding ou about debts with collection agencies can you enlighten me?
  20. dont want to borrow any more than i owe now plan to use the extra money i will have from going int only on mortgage topay off unsecured debt
  21. Hi all i am about to pay my arrears to ge for my secured loan before i go to court (date for hearing is 1st April).Now i asked gemoney if i could then go on interest only for a short period of time and guess what they said no as it was a second mortgage. My halifax mortgage is in arrears but if i pay the next three installments on time Which i will be doing then my arrears are to be put on the back of the mortgage so i will be up to date. As i have other debts i would like to go on interest only on halifax mortgage until i clear all my other debts.But would i be better off getting a new secured loan once my payments are up to date?Oh i owe £39000 to ge and £96000 to halifax 12%and 5.75%repectfully
  22. great letter if i need it thanks
  23. does this usually happen? i mean that they do not have them? Gosh that would be good.!
  24. ok so how long do they have to do this?
  25. If a debt collection company has your debt and you send them a request for a cca and they do not have it is the debt wiped or do they then request the cca from the original creditors?
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