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  1. I have just requested a statement of my account from GE Money for a car loan got them within 2 days and no charge for them. Was charged £600 in total for late payments.Will be starting claim tommorrow.

  2. Hi have been advised to post a thread on here.I am in the process of claiming charges from my business account from BOS £2995 without interest (not sure how to do that).Got my statements in 2 days.Anyone know if they are hard to deal with ? Not frightened of them they have done nothing to help me with my business.


  3. Hi I am just about to start proceedings against the BOS with my business account but does anyone know if I am allowed to do this as I am a franchisee trading under the franchisors name (Bank account in my name /trading as.. )They owe me about £2900 withou any interest.Please help as I am desperate to retrieve this money I would have a much healthier business if I got it back.

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