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  1. going to start my claim tommorrow with A&L for £785 will be tracking your progress so that will hopefully help me.
  2. have read that A&L always get to court action is this true? Also read that they will always settle any claim.Is this true? If so why go to court stage? Any information will be gratefully accepted
  3. I have just requested a statement of my account from GE Money for a car loan got them within 2 days and no charge for them. Was charged £600 in total for late payments.Will be starting claim tommorrow.
  4. got 16 months of statements, sent leeter off about microfiche statements heardnothing yet. Can I start my claim now for the charges I know aabout £1400. Also I have a Abbey Loan is there a chance they will call it in if I claim?
  5. great news statements came in post this morning. Cant wait to get my money back it is £828.50 plus interest
  6. i was hoping i could go straight to court is this notpossible
  7. HI sent dpa to A&L over forty days ago I have had no reply from them.My account is now closed but I do know I paid a couple of hundred in charges when it was open . Do I ring them?
  8. help! help! help! I got statements by requesting them via the telephone.They came within 2 days. I then totalled it up and sent the letter before action as advised to do on this site. Have I done it wrong? It is a business account.If so what do I do?
  9. Well got my reply yesterday after sending first letter asking for charges back. Was told a definate no.What next I cannot seem to find the next letter for businesses in the library.Anyone got any info.
  10. I was told on this site that you could claim.I have started the proceedings and have had my first letter of rejection and am about to go to next letter. I like you have a loan but they have had £2990 in charges off me I am hoping to get that back and pay off my loan.
  11. Hi I am about to send letter to BOS for £2995 bank charges without interest.Dont know how to calculate it.Anyone out there to help me?
  12. sorry thought I was in the BOS forum:o
  13. Hi have been advised to post a thread on here.I am in the process of claiming charges from my business account from BOS £2995 without interest (not sure how to do that).Got my statements in 2 days.Anyone know if they are hard to deal with ? Not frightened of them they have done nothing to help me with my business.
  14. think so I got the letter from a template in the library
  15. can anyone advise me how to get statements from abbey requested them but had letter back about only giving me so many and the rest being in archives.
  16. many thanks was beginning to despair that no one could help me. Got my statements from BOS in 2 days of asking.So that is a start. Once again thanks for your help:oops:
  17. Hi I am just about to start proceedings against the BOS with my business account but does anyone know if I am allowed to do this as I am a franchisee trading under the franchisors name (Bank account in my name /trading as.. )They owe me about £2900 withou any interest.Please help as I am desperate to retrieve this money I would have a much healthier business if I got it back.
  18. hi pleased to be a member of this site. Had a few problems though. Need to print off some letters but cant an ideas Thanks:o
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