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  1. well actually i do not even want anyone to turn up at all and would rather ring and tell them i have replied in writing than risk it.
  2. Hi all NCO say they are going to visit me tommorrow regarding my capital one card debt which has been passed on to them. What are the chances of them turning up? Should i ring them?
  3. ok but is it written off after 30 days and what about the credit report?
  4. HI all juat a thought but what happens to the money owed if a dca cannot or does not provide a cca. Also how is it registered on a persons credit file?
  5. Hi all can you cca a loan account?
  6. ok the twelve days are up and no cca do i now send the next letter?
  7. ok so the twelve days are up and no cca here sending the next letter (well when i find it i am!)
  8. yes this letter came after the copy invoice one.
  9. that ok then. only trouble i get is am inundated with calls.
  10. so who do i owe the money to or do i forget about it?
  11. Well i thought they only had twelve days to come up with the cca
  12. so do i still have to pay them? oh they now say they are sending someone to my home!
  13. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I will take that as a telling off do as i said but put in writing then
  14. ok my advice to you is to do an income and expenditure sheet be honest about it and see where you can cut back. Ring your creditors and tell them the payments you can afford to make and do not be talked into paying anymore.Alternitively you could ring the cccs and they will do all this for you if the circustances allow.good luck!
  15. Hi all I sent a cca request to these people regarding an argos card account the reply i have got today is that they confirm that they have arranged for a copy of the invoice to be sent to me by their clients and it will be with me asap. I thought that to collect the debt they should have the document?
  16. Hi all just a little update got a letter from Link today saying Dear Mr Sowerby, COMPLAINT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER Thankyou for your recent complaint. At this time we are unable to resolve your complaint but acknowledge receipt of it. Your complaint has been assigned to the Complaints Manager.Please find enclosed copy of a summary of our Complaints Procedure.We will contact you within the next 4 weeks. Yours sincerely for & on behalf of Link Financial. What is my next step?
  17. can you not send them a cca asking them to prove they own the debt? This should put a stop to them.
  18. Well sent them the letter along with the cca one on friday recorded delivery.!!!!
  19. Hi all can some kind person out there send me a link to the cca letter please?
  20. my oh would not be very happy if we were took to court so dont know should i send them a cca
  21. got the statements just who do i claim off ge or link also do i owe anyone anything? urgent reply needed as link been on the phone and say i must phone them by 8pm tonight so presume they will take me to court if i dont
  22. Hi the debt is from 2002 when we bought the car but the payments were spread over 5 years and were due to end in may07. The refusal was over the phone and yes there are charges to claim back but these will be from ge not link.I reckon with the charges i paid ge i owe them 0 as the charges come to the amount left on the balance owing or thereabouts
  23. Hi all any advice gratefully recieved, Link have bought an old debt of my husbands from gemoney for £365 the last payment from his car loan,i have offered to pay them in installments but they wont accept and want it all at once which i cant do. Where do we stand will i have to find the money and pay them all of it in one go?
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