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  1. Well good on you tedshez hope that happens to me I sent my mcol on 29th and they have until monday to reply(18th).They have not even acknowledged claim yet.Mine is for £3500 including interest.
  2. wow sarah that was a long hard graft is it usual do you know for it to take so long.Also do we all have to buy the court bundle i have not got that far yet.
  3. is that what happens next I hope I sent mine to the right address it was English one in Birmingham.
  4. hi sarah 13 how much did you claim for and how long did it take?
  5. wish i had a response from them and a gogw for the full amount
  6. did you get acknowledgement through the post off BOS or court
  7. when did youdo mcol and where did you send it to. I did my mcol 2wks ago tommorrow but not had any reply yet. I am impatient.
  8. Hi battleaxe I have read that it is better that they put in a defence then they only have another 14 days to do that and apparently they settle before then also read that the cheques arrive on Saturdays so you may get one this week.Hope you do.
  9. well finally got £80 together to do mcol hop i did it right. fingers crossed
  10. will do that tommorrow.Am claiming from BOS not RBOS. Thanks for the speedy reply
  11. thanks Lula I have done all the letters and on 29th MCOL which was deemed as served on 5th dec.I have not sent any spreadsheets to the court nor have I had any reply from BOS yes am claiming interest.
  12. did you send the two letters in before they paid up or did they just pay up anyway? You seem to have been paid out fast.
  13. Wish I had seen this earlier explains alot of things. Like to know where i stand
  14. Kate should I alter claim straight away or should I wait to see if they defend then alter it or can you wait until you have to goto court to alter it?
  15. well that shouldbe good bet you get a payment soon
  16. Well will follow your thread I am claiming for bsiness charges from BOS and sent my mcol on the 29th 'november not heard from them yet.
  17. I sent mcol to BOS last week not heard a thing yet its for £3500 including costs and interest. Not found many threads on them to compare with. Do you know of any i could read?
  18. will anyone answer my thread please
  19. did not mean for to rely on GOGW was just saying I got one. Sorry if I came accross wrong.
  20. Well stressedlou I added up the charges on the microfiche and it is about £3000in total that includes the charges from the statements so just in time to send off my MCOL only trouble is got no spare cash to do it just yet just paod £120 to send one off for BOS. Also got an A&L one to do need £80 for that.Feel dead stressed. Never mind.will get over it. Send your LBA then you should get you GOGW in a week they put it in bank before you get letter.
  21. Got microfiche statements that Sheena sure does what she says.
  22. can anyone answer my previous question?
  23. ok will do. I only did my mcol last week 29th nov do you think I should leave changing my mcol to the business version until They say they are going to defend. Seems awaste of money if they pay up early
  24. Hi Kate Thanks for your help I have read lots on this site but there is not a great deal on business accountsso think I have got mixed up. The original letters I sent were definately business ones. DO you think I should wait to see if they pay up early before I change claim It was only done on 29th november?
  25. Well what a mess i have made of my mcol put in the bit about consumer rights and it is a business account. What can I do?
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