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  1. Well I dont think that they normally ignore letters but dont worry just do your MCOL they wont ignore that good luck
  2. Well Annie BOS have just acknowleddged my claim so waiting for their defence or hopefully some sort of offer. They are gits when it comes to charges od business accounts they just take the money before they tell you and this causes real bother.
  3. First of all I think i would accept the £747 as full and final settlement of the account in question.but it is your choice as youwill get interest if you go to court. That way you can do credit card with no worries i would have thought. Dont know about thelast one though.
  4. Hurray they finally acknowledged my claim.
  5. Well yes I am chuffed but check wont clear until after xmas.Never mind will still have a good xmas.
  6. GOt myself a nice cheque from them this morning.Getyour mcol done and you will sure get your money mine was only filed one week ago.
  7. Mcol is striaghtforward.Just make sure you got all your details to hand
  8. Well stressed lou thatis exactly what happened to me.Am thinking of doing mcol shortly.
  9. have anice xmas stressedlou wish we got paid out in full bfore now. do you?
  10. Why does noone ever reply tomy posts.The only time I get a reply is when I pm someone. I have not had alot of help in fact I have been infuriated at times. What am i doing wrong other people seem to get answers to less urgent threads.
  11. Well had no acknowledgement at all for claim think I am going to give them another 7 days to defend.just hope I have the correct address would hate to think i had done all this and got wrong address there are so many.
  12. in the library section there is only one so you cant go wrong.good luck
  13. you need to send the business version letter asking for your money back. Dont worry just send it then take them to court.I am in the process of doing just that.
  14. yes I used it because the other address i had was in Scotland and I could not use that because i was using mcol.No t sure what head office address is.
  15. you will probs get another letter similar to the last one then you will need to take them to court.
  16. help! Sent MCOL to Bank of Scotland PObox 9901 Birmingham B24WB This is the address I used to use before they gave me a Scotland address. Will it be ok or not?
  17. yes believe so sounds like the one I got send LBA asap
  18. well I have heard nothing yet how much are you claiming for?
  19. hi does anyone think I should contact BOS as they have until monday to acknowledge the claim and I have not heard a thing from them. This seems unusual from them and I am wondering if I could have sent to wrong address I sent it to Birmingham one.Any advice anyone?
  20. why can they not post you a cheque they must have your addreess
  21. no Annie not in scotland. I sent mcol to their address in birmingham. Wish they would reply
  22. Hi stressedlou glad to hear you got gogw I am in same position as you need cash until after xmas then will go for all of claim
  23. oh I thought i had read that you bought it. Will have a look at that.Thanks
  24. Good luck I sent my two letters prelim and lba. no luck though started mcol on 29th november.They have until monday to defend.
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