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  1. another thought go to the local police station they should know if it is legal or not
  2. go to the council tax people instead of ringing.The bailiffs work for them so they can put a stop to them coming for money.Be firm with them or go to a solicitor you should get half an hours free advice
  3. ring citizens advice surely they will know what to do. You cannot get blood out of a stone.
  4. will do but not sure if it is necessary as i have since read that you can only claim cci from the outset of the claim. I had originally read that it was to be claimed at the lba stage.Waiting on advice about this.
  5. dont really know think it was from my barclaycard claim. i really think 13.76%apr cannot be the right rate it sounds way too low.Might give them a ring.
  6. hi thanks for the welcome. Do you have any advice?
  7. well i would you would.As no one evergets to court what do you have to lose?
  8. here goes sent cap one sar and the next day sent to them asking for £900 of charges to be refunded.i knew this as they told me on the phone how much charges were. Anyway got an offer off them for £380 on wed this week the next day my statements came and i went for the cci and it toatlled £2668approx.What a difference. But i am not sure about the interest rate as my statement said 1.08% which i believe works out to be 13.0%.I have charged them 27%. Any advice?Notsent LBA yet.
  9. if you have not sent the lba then i would amend the interest. Could you tell me how do i start a thread on here.
  10. well yes that is what i meant i was on your side not theirs.!
  11. well doo i thought that but put in 27%. I think this is still low but am quite happy with it .What do you reckon?
  12. Well that is shocking it should be illegal. I would close my account.
  13. well done the spread sheet caliming cci at 27.0% not sure if it is correct statement said 1.08% so that is what i put in. Any way my grand 3totals are £1112.00 in charges and £1541.61 in interest a grand total of £2653.61. Great eh!
  14. well guess what? My statements came this morning. Will now do my spreadsheet and then refuse their offer and send another lba with cci.Oh what a good days work ahead. Would take me a month to earn this.Here goes.
  15. hi motely we know we should run our accounts better we are claiming because the fees charged are extortionate beyond reality. The banks would seriously pay nothing if they were in the right after all if they continue to win as you say in court why do others get paid out? Have You Claimed? Have You Won?
  16. well i sent an sar and then the next day sent the lba. Not got the statements yet but i knew how much the charges were as when they rang me for a payment a couple of weeks ago they told me how much i had paid in charges since my account opened.So once them statements arrive will send another lba with interest on and then off to court.
  17. hi there i got an offer this morning of £376 very tempting but will be refusing as claim is for £900 without interest of which i will be claiming contractural as it will more than pay off my card.oh well will send them a nice letter.
  18. Well today i have done a spreadsheet for cci at 27.9%.I have done it on the whole amount of the claim which now totals £984.74. So i am sending another LBA with the spreadsheet listing the charges and also accepting the £288 in part settle ment only. i am sure i will have to take them to court but who cares they will pay up.
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