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  1. hope you get a result soon
  2. any one out there to answer my quetion?
  3. chelli i have read on these threads somewhere there is a number or email you can call to ask abbey to settle before court have a read around the abbey threads it must be worth a try.Could save you alot of work.
  4. need an n1 form for court where do i get it
  5. Well sent prelim to ge money for charges on a car loan totalling £450 approx they have sent letter back to me saying i cant claim as auto finance is not covered by the oft ruling. I was under the illusion i could claim back the charges.Any idea anyone?:o
  6. well lba finally gone.I am over my limit with card (£70) so no money been credited there then.Oh well not too long now i hope
  7. well from what i have read they will pay up soon
  8. you areso helpful i am amending my spreadsheet right now.Will keep ypu informed
  9. Lula If I do this it will take my claim over the six years.Is it worth the risk?
  10. Where will i get the n1 form from
  11. lula will i still need to send the partial acceptance letter.Also I have had more charges since then can I just add them on
  12. Thanks Lula Was getting worried there will do court thing asap.Will file at local court as i think i am exempt from court charges due to ctc
  13. hi letter says they have enclosed a copy of Financial Ombudsman Service and I should contact them within 6 months if i am not happy with thier offer.
  14. Well am on finding the letter at the minute. No particular reason for not following up the claim will say due to ill health or something
  15. right letter in post asap.
  16. hi I sent the sar then the prelim then the lba.So if i send the partial acceptance letter how long do i wait for before i take them to court
  17. Hi at the end of last year i got a gogw from Abbey for £345 from a £2500 claim i never sent any letter to them accepting their offer nor rejecting it.Can i still claim the rest of the charges and if so can i go straight to court?
  18. Well cap one certainly have not put any money in my account as part payment. I have not signed anything to say i have accepted anypayment , just most people seem to have had theirs credited. Well sending lba tommorrow. Never got it done today.
  19. so many thanks for the replies i am on to it now and will cend lba today
  20. send letter of reusal and then send the lba.If they dont then pay in full take them to court
  21. would just leave it they will probs offer you the amount less the extra 8% or you could be lucky and get the lot
  22. well i got my barclaycard statements as i told them i was being investigated for tax
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