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  1. hi we got a letter from dlc today saying that as we have failed to make acceptable payments on the account they have made enquiries with the local land registry and have recieved formal confirmation that we are home owners and it is their intention to commence legal proceedings for non payment. Please telephone to sort this out. Well i sent them a cca with a postal order unfortunately i only sent it first class post not recorded delivery. Should i resend it or what? urgent !!! dont want the court thing to happen.
  2. hi dont think there are too many charges on the account but will do the sar thing. oh there was a letter in with theres from abbey sayiny that the debt had been sold to them.
  3. it was a loan we took out about five years ago and stopped paying last year oct time i think as could not afford it any longer.Tried to get Abbey to accept token payments but they were not interested so then heard nothing from them until this letter came on Saturday from dlc.
  4. Hi all i have hillesden securities ltd , trading as direct legal& collections chasing my oh and i for £2,029.80 this has been sold to them by Abbey. Sending them the cca letter today and just wondered if anyone had any dealings with them? Did not have ppi on the account so cant claim it back.
  5. hi well the out come was if i pay it all by the 31st of july then no attempt for ccj.So fingers crossed i make it!
  6. hi just a little bump for this thread. I sent cca,s to my creditors and only one came back signed and that was a abbey overdraft which is all charges so in process of claiming them back. Little woods sent a cca but it was unsigned.(not sure what to do about that one). I still think i need to remortgage but my rating is so poor, dont think anyone could help me.Gosh we need £350 per week just to pay the mortgage and secured loan, shocking!!
  7. well that is if any of us ever get paid out
  8. hi all got the list of charges and there are about £4000 of them so really i owe them nothing have told them this but they keep asking.
  9. HI all sent the cca request form to debt managers regarding mine and my husbands account. We owe £1600 approx which is the overdraft they called in. They have sent back the signed agreement signed by myself only this was signed when i opened the account i did not have an overdraft then. What do i do next as they are now asking when i am going to repay the debt.
  10. well rang them again and the woman said if i paid in the next two months she would see what she could do to help.ie i presume not go for a ccj?
  11. hi all well i just rang them The water board that is and they say if i do not pay in full by 26th of this month i will get a ccj
  12. ok so if i ring the water board and come to an agreement then it wont go to court am i right?
  13. so the only way not to get a ccj is to pay the whole thing?
  14. I threatened them with moving my mortgage and she just said ok if that is what you want to do
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