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  1. if I was that tenant, I would appeal - guidelines clearly state that details must be provided with proof of the deposit being protected within 14 days.
  2. I have just read through my contract, dated 22/9/08, i got the date wrong lol. with the deposit, he is registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, I emailed them and received a reply on the 22/10 to confirm that there are no deposits made for my address.
  3. that is a valid point - so basically this new protection law comes in and the tenants were in the position where we cannot benefit from the protection. pointless huh
  4. I would prefer to stay, as I hate moving. But I don't think people can get away with breaking guidelines and legeslation. I held back from proceeding with action in the last place I was in and got proper screwed over by the estate agents.
  5. however, what I am after is some solid information on how to go about claiming. the information given by the TDS is rubbish and no disrespect, what I have found on here is confusing. I think we need a guide in laymens terms.
  6. if the deposit has not been protected, he can't issue a section 21 as it is
  7. Before I start, I am sure that answers will be spread around the 100's of pages on here, however I would like advice in one easy place to refer too. Please don't bite ... Right - a few problems (one my fault) so here we go. 1. I moved into my flat on August 22nd. I am yet to receive any information regarding my Deposit being protected. I gave the LL the benefit of the doubt but now nearly 2 months later, there is still no news. I have emailed all the named deposit schemes who have drawn up a blank page. 2. Until last week, I have had workmen in and out of the flat, the upst
  8. Hello all. Having a quick flick through this forum, I think I have enough to proceed for compo, however a second opinion would be appreciated. In December 2007, I put down a £400.00 holding deposit on a flat, through a letting agent. In January 2008 (the 15th to be precise) I paid the remainder of the deposit, £537.50 plus the first month and moved in. On the 29th January (15 days into tennancy), I sent an email to the Letting Agents, informing them that I had received no written confirmation of my deposit being safeguarded within a TDS. as i understand it the 14 day notification per
  9. coolio, I shall see what answer they come up with.
  10. I went to my parents house for dinner last night and to my surprise there was a letter waiting for me from Red Collections (Lovell Group). They were claiming that they purchased a debt of £502.04 from 3 Mobile. Now I took one look at this and decided that they can swivel, however it does need dealing with. The following points kind of make their claim fairly weak : 1) I have not lived at my parents address for 3 and a Half Years 2) I terminated service with 3 Mobile in August 2007 - paying the final bill of about 47p in full 3) I have never had ownership or used the teleph
  11. I went to the property today for a full viewing. A few points. The carpets are filthy and need cleaning. The whole inside required painting The garden needs some serious TLC As mentioned a fence needs to be put up None of which the Landlord is prepared to do - what a He will budge the rent to £700.00 pcm but I think there is some cheek asking for a security deposit and not taking the property to a habitable standard. If I want the house done up to a presentable state, I have to do it out of my own pocket.
  12. Ok, according to Up My Street, the property hasn't changed hands since before 2000. However ones around it have shifted a bit. The house its attached to went for £98K in 2000 then for £124K in 2001. So I am going to assume (that being a dangerous thing) that the property was purchased for less than £98K. Until I can look up the information that you told me to look for I think I shall work with that.
  13. that seems like an idea. another thought I had last night was a reduction in rent of £100.00 per calendar month. this way that should provide, over enough time the funds required to complete the work. however getting the LL to provide materials (for the fence too) and doing it myself (with some "voluntary help" from friends) could get it done quicker in the short term.
  14. Greetings All. Been a while since I have been on here, but the housing problem presents itself once again and I need some sound advice. I am looking at renting the following property - Property Details Now the landlord has been fairly outcoming with the fact that he/she doesn't wish to decorate the property or do anything else. From the pictures, it needs a good lick of pain - which I don't mind doing and a fence needs putting up - the area is ok but you wouldn't leave your gran unattended for a long period of time. The landlords asking price is £750.00 pcm - taking into
  15. Ok good one this. I have just received my bill from BT a wonderful amount of £119.00 They plan to remove that from my account via DD but somehow I accidently just cancelled that and let me explain why. When I connected my "previously unconnected property" to the exchange, they stated that it would cost me £125.00 for the pleasure of someone walking around on my new carpets in their muddy boots. I said that I was quoted the work at half the price the previous week - true. So they agreed to do it. They asked how I would like to pay and I chose the option of paying off the £65 odd
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