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  1. AQ date has passed - just phoned the court. No AQ received from DG but the district judge has decided to list all outstaining bank charge claims together and will be hearing them in June.
  2. Thanks for the advice - AQ received, filled in using the advice above and sent back this morning. Will wait and see what happens next.
  3. As suggested above, I checked the MCOL site just after lunch today and saw that the status had changed to defence so I await the AQ. Can anyone give me an idea how long this stage will last?
  4. Well the 28 days from the claim being acknowledged are up tomorrow - does this mean I win by default if nothing cahnges tomorrowor does the fact that they acknowledges the claim saying that they intend to defend in full give them some more time? (On MCOL the claim shows as acknowledged) I thought I would have heard something by now
  5. As above, I received a letter syaing that the claim was acknowledged on the 8th Feb along with a letter saying that they intend to defend but have heard nothing since. 1. Am i likely to now? 2. Do they get 28 days from the acknowledgement to file their defence? 3. If I don't hear anything next week - what happens next. thanks for any info you can pass on.
  6. Well, received 2 letters today, one saying that they intend to defend my claim and the other offering me £990 in payment. The daft thing is, if they had sent this offer last week I would probably have accepted as it is nearly 90% of my initial claim. But because I have now spent £120 entering the claim, I'll hold out.
  7. Nothing heard from HSBC so have just submitted my MCOL - hope all the details were right. I read as much as I could find so should be OK - what is likely to happen next and how long realistically is it before everything is settled?
  8. Sent my LBA off last week (problems with broadband so unable to post until today) - nothing heard so far so will be spending this weekend looking over MCOL and submitting on Monday
  9. Thanks for the reply to my post - always nice to know that someone else out there is at the same stage - will be interesting to see if we get the same treatment throughout our claim - Good luck
  10. Received a letter this morning from Colin Langdale - Senior Service Quality Officer saying that they are looking into my claim and will contact me with a full response as soon as they have finished their investigation. I presume this is a delaying tactic and I should send my LBA 14 days after my first letter anyway.
  11. Well after giving this quite a bit of thought, I have finally taken the plunge. Got all my statements online and was amazed at the final amount - thought it would be a couple of hundred but it came to £1,400 so have got my spreadsheet which along with my initial letter will be in the post tomorrow. Was very nervous about going ahead but a colleague at work has just had her claim for c£2,000 paid in full (by the Halifax). Any and all advice/guidance gratefully received.
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