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  1. Thanks guys for being understanding, I will be getting all docs out and reading over the thread over the weekend to get myself back on it,. Has there been any success stories against this HFO mob lately ?
  2. Ok first of all a big apology to all who have spent countless hours helping me with this case, I have sent private messages to the main players on here also apologising , Donkey your mail box is full so have been unable to send you an apology. My absence was due to the stress and depression of debt and court cases taking it's toll on me, I know it was selfish due to the countless hours people have spent helping me out but hey i was at breaking point. BA: I never attended the court case so the charging order was granted. I shall though be applying to have this set aside by next f
  3. I get charged £220 for the year and that's me lot, Not too sure what yours should be depends if on meter or not and usage if so.
  4. Summary judgment is judgemnt without full trial and default is judgement without being there so it is judgment at trial.
  5. Thank you Pt2537 And for the record I apologise to all for sounding ungrateful and it is not an apology to get anyone to continue to help, I apologise when i know i am in the wrong sometimes as i am under immense pressure right now being hit from every angle possible but hey i will leave that for the jeremy kyle show, Right now i am going to get my stupid head down and complete the witness statement. peace.
  6. Many thanks BA ... cue " huge sigh of relief" i will get it done tonight and email you straight away.....
  7. I am [insert name] of [insert address] and I am making this statement in support of my application to set aside the judgement [insert case number] because there was an error in the judgement and because the Civil Procedure Rules were not followed. Under CPR 19.4 the court’s permission is required in order for the substitution of a party to be effected. The Claimant on the Judgement Order is different to the Claimant named on the initial N1 Claim Form, exhibited hereto as [exhibit number] which listed HFO Capital Limited as the Claimant. The subsequent hearing, dated, was listed
  8. OK I have gone away and cleared my head and will now try to tackle this to best of my ability albeit lack of, BA i was a bit iirate and feeling very pressured as everything seems to be getting on top lately, I know i have had help and am forever gateful it's just that when people state that they are doing this and that then return stating sorry can't help and didn't doing any of it hence the leaving the @@@@ remark it sucks, From what i see VJ just plan and simply got bored with this as he was the main culprit, He was on here at the begining stating we will make mince meat out of them helps p
  9. VJ, I know your time and help is for you to do with as you please and respect your decision stating you can no longer help but i have just scanned the Cag forum and you and others who have helped and pushed this along with advice are clearly alive and kicking on cag. I can only assume that yourself and others have got bored with this and can no longer be assed, I am at my wit end with all of this being told do this pay that then when it comes down to it people dissapear and i get shafted and this appeal is going exactly the same way again, I fork out £220 on a transcript through yours a
  10. File the WS I sent you along with the set aside statement. VJ i am having trouble locating these! could you send again please.
  11. Ok thks Me feels like the boat is about to sink it's being made impossible for me to continue helping you as much as I would like ? I take it's something personal stopping you VJ?
  12. HI VJ, Yes family and work always comes first obviously, I was just refering to this for an update as dates are coming and going and it put's the spooks up me reg funds already spent to fight this, I am in the process of writing a letter to deliver to the courts today to explain why i object to the charge order submitted as deadline is today. I really would like to get the set aside in this week and as you are the main man with the expert knowledge to fight HFO i am relying on you VJ, Don't want to sound like i am pestering you but without you i have no chance, I am forever grateful for
  13. Guys what happened with the site yesterday it kept crashing ? VJ, Did you receive the email?
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