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  1. Thanks everyone for looking at this and replying to me. As i thought i think they were just trying to get my wife to sign it so as you say take them away from any liability they will have if and when the wall copllapses. cheers
  2. Hi I was wondering if any one could give me any advice on the following situation we have with the highways agency? They are coming to dig up the path way at the front of our property to fill in a damaged and blocked drain. What they are asking us to do is to sign a piece of paper to say that if our wall falls down (which is not the best but it is standing now and has a few cracks in it but nothing major) that they are not responsable for this. Now i say that i should not have to sign this as the wall is fine and not going to fall down unless they start when it may have a chance of falling down. Does anyone have any ideas on this and where do i stand, do i have to sign this or are thjey trying to pull a fast one? Also i am having an extension built at the back and are they thinking well there having work done they can pay for a wall while there at it and we can get away with this. Thanks for looking
  3. HI FRANKICHILL i know what you mean i have been going since oct 2006 now with barclays for my money back the best of it is they settled the joint account i had with my ex wife about 2 weeks before i had this case stayed i have really had enough now how can this be so one sided towards the leniancie that the banks get with missing deadlines etc to submit a defence it is so shambolic the way that they have dealt with mine and many other cases no other organisation would be shown this kind of favouratism and i for one am sick of still chasing my money it is costing even more due to electricity recorded delivery for everything else etc etc and they just sit there letting deadlines go by and then just keep hanging it out knowing that they can. i have not been given any kind of date at all my letter just says that it is stayed and that the commercial court decision should be known by feb 2008 keep going though frankiechill we will win in the end but it is damn hard to try and keep fighting the system cheers nic
  4. cheers smutly have put a thread on the new forum to add myself to the long list of who this is affecting wonder what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot with barclays and what there responce to my delaying tactics would be?????
  5. hi frankiechill same here mate the thought of going to court is overwelming i can not see how a bank is allowed to keep missing the deadlines set out by the county courts and get away with it!!! there fast enough to take money off us no hesitating there imagine if it was the other way round if we delayed anything with them if they were taking us to court!!! good luck with it mines in boston county court am just doing a letter stating how lacksadaisy they have been throughout my case by missing deadlines etc set out by the courts and there delaying tactics etc will wait and see what response i get then off the court (oh well hard luck i guess will be the reply but will see anyway)
  6. hi everyone here for the same reason as all of you i guess my case has been stayed got the letter today from boston county court how unfair is all this after going through all the stages and after barclays missing every deadline even got a letter saying they had 7 days to reply and if not had to pay in 14 days i get my case stayed after barclays craftly got different solicitors to defend the case and so delay it again just so they could get this as they must have known the deadline that they could play with and get the case stayed how crafty are they. what is the next move now? has anyone got a stay over turned yet? any advice would be appreciated cheers nic
  7. Hi everyone got a letter today from the county court and it basically says that my case has been stayed by the judge on his own inititive goes on to say trhat my case has been stayed until the outconme of the commercial court case any listed hearings in this case are vacated and will not take place either party may apply to the court to lift the stay any application to the court must be served on the other party and be supported by evidence why the case should proceed before the determination of the commercial court case. this order having been made on the courts own inititave either party may apply to either vary or revoke it provided the application is made no later than 7 days after the order of the order (only got it today dated 21 august bit late there then arent i) there are other things in the letter but mainly about the commercial case etc etc HELP Has anyone managed to get there case reopened unstayed yet? whats my next move? any help would be much appreciated cheers nic
  8. cheers saintly 1 for replying to me and will let you know of the outcome cheers nic
  9. Just wrote this to ask for my case to be struck out was sending the other day but been so so busy. To the court manager I the claimant Mr****** wish to take this opportunity to request that my case against Barclays Bank has not been defended by themselves and that it should be struck out for non compliance to the courts judgement in this case. My reasons for this is that I feel that the defendant is just stalling for more time by passing this case to another solicitor IE: (Simmons & Simmons) in this case rather than there own legal team who have had more than enough time and good will shown by the judge and the court in this matter and who have not responded before the deadline set out by yourselves and district judge tombs and I feel that this is wasting the courts valuable time and resources. I refer to the last correspondence I received from yourselves dated 02 August 2007 Which stated that upon the courts own motion. The court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to this order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The defence be struck out 2. There will be judgement for the claimant in the sum of £**** plus the court fee of £*** payable by the defendant to the claimant within 14 days. I received a letter from the defendants solicitors dated 16 August 2007 a full 14 days later. Also on the 5 July 2007 the court also asked the defendant to produce a schedule setting out all claims of this type in England and Wales which have proceeded to a final contested hearing and the outcome of such hearings. Which the defendant did not respond to and at the bottom of this letter that I received from yourselves it states that in the absence of any such objections being filed on time, the defence herein will be struck out and judgement entered for the amount claimed by the claimant, together with appropriate costs claimable on the small claims track. What I am asking is, is that the defendant has had more than enough time to get there house in order on this matter and if it were myself against this multi national organisation and them asking me for monies which they thought were unlawful that I had made against them, is if I would be allowed such time and understanding by themselves and there solicitors? So I am asking if this case can be struck out, so no more of the courts time be wasted up on this matter? if amendment needed please forward your thoughts, all advice much appreciated cheers nic
  10. cheers guys phoned greg thomas friday but been camping since he said that they will proberly try and get it varied and the judge will get back to me but will do as you say they have had more than enougfh time now sick of there stalling tactics all the time i mean come on they just keep stalling this thing out. wilol write a nice letter to the judge and enclose an n225 form as well as you advice welshcakes. cheers nic
  11. hi everyone quick one here received a letter dated 2 august from the courts that barclays had 7 days to respond or the case gets struck out then they had 14 days to pay. got a letter today saying that they have instructed a different solicitor to defend simmons and simmonds dated 16 august. what is going on anyone else had this?: what sould i do now? any advice would be welcome.
  12. Update for everyone B's have sent the cheque and have put it in my bank. still waiting on my other claim but phoned up the court on tues and they said the judge will be getting my claim forms on weds and then inform me of what he is going to do next. dealt with greg thomas regarding paying me from barclays and must say what a very nice bloke he was in dealing with this and said that when i hear from the court to phone him as i will get the details before him due to the amount of work they have got.
  13. cheers slick thanks for your help throughout this and my other claim against b's cheers nic
  14. hi everyone yahhooooo barclays have paid up the full amount on the account i am waiting to hear about (they had till the end of the month to reply to the courts if they were going to defend it) but have had a letter today offering the full about and them saying that they disagree with the charges but recognise that it is not cost effective for either parties to take this matter all the way to trial. therefore in order to avoid the inevitable time and cost associated with pursuing the claim to trial we are prepared to settle your claim upon payment of charges applied to your account together with statutory interest and any court costs which comes to £2147.68 subject to the terms set out in this letter. then they go on to say the rest like we admit to no liability etc etc. just wait for the judge to say pay the other one now. Thank you everyone for your help and interest in (sos people comp wanted to shut down) this especially saintly 1 who has always been there with the answer and encouragement to keep going cheers mate your a STAR and also slick who also kept in touch and helped thank you cheers nic ps will keep you upto date on other case also on here
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