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  1. It seems that it's normal for the cheque to have an account number on it so I'm not too worried. We'll see, cheers!
  2. Mmm. Thanks everyone. Seems it might be normal for the cheque to be made payable to your current account.
  3. I won my case today and received a cheque for the full amount, but it had to be paid into my Natwest account (had the account number with my name in the pay: section on the cheque). Is this normal? The more I think about it the more they could be building up to closing my account. I have a fairly sizeable overdraft, can they force me to take a loan? Thanks in advance...
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/47789-truly-madly-natwest-2.html Can you change this to WON please!
  5. Only weird thing was the cheque said pay Michael Joyce into account XXXXXXXX. So I could only pay it into my current account. The more I think about it the more I'm worried as soon as it's gone in, they might close it.
  6. Could a moderator move me into the successes please?
  7. OK, I won!!! Received a cheque for the full amount in the post today – out of the blue. MASSIVE thanks to anyone that helped, especially Michael Browne.
  8. Ok, I've found some stuff on this site now... seems there's not that much difference in outcome (hopefully)
  9. Jeez, this is a drawn out affair! Natwest were given until 26th January to file a revised defence but I've heard nothing. Phoned the court today and they said it had been transferred to the Mercantile court but they couldn't tell me why. Does anyone know what's going on with the Mercantile thing?!! Thanks in advance.
  10. Just got back from court. Seemed pretty standard. The judge asked me a few things then allowed me to amend the claim. He asked me whether or not I knew of the many other cases of this nature at the moment and told me all the bank penalty charge cases in London are being dealt with by a central court and judge. He gave the defence a couple of weeks to enter a new defence to my new claim and told me I just wait to see whether they enter a defence or not. I asked him what if they didn't, gave a wry smile and said seek advice. Is there any further info on this central London thing? Has a
  11. Got home to an offer from Cobbetts for about half what is owed. Presume it's just the standard letter. It does say that it will inform the court should I decline, just wanted to know if that's a new thing, or standard? Thanks
  12. I'm sure I ticked ©, then I also asked when I changed my hearing date could it be done without one. The people I've spoken to on the phone at the court said it was up to the judge whether or not to have a hearing to amend the particulars. I've sent Cobbetts my amended POC –*hope they don't find anything that causes trouble. They may not even turn up. Do you think it's possible they'll kick-up a fuss? Suppose I'll just wait and see, hearing next Friday! Thanks
  13. OK, exact wording from what the court sent me: Notice of Hearing of Application The hearing of the claimant’s application for Permission To Amend Claim will take place at... Just a formality? I'm wondering whether because I changed my POCs I also took the opportunity to add extra charges (incurred in the interim) that may be a problem?? Thanks
  14. From memory it just says General Notice –*Hearing for Application to Amend Particulars of Claim. Or words to that affect. I spoke to someone at the court who said I may have ticked the wrong box on the AQ. I'm sure I didn't though –*someone else at the court said the judge may have requested the hearing. I had to postpone the date of the hearing and I asked again for there not to be a hearing (as from speaking to others it wasn't normal practice) but they came back with a revised date so I presume it definitely needs the hearing. The fact they've said it should just take 10 mins suggests it's
  15. And so the machinations run slow... FINALLY seen some action from the court, but it's a hearing to amend the particulars of claim (says it will take about 10 mins). Is it normal to have a hearing just for this? I did change them quite a lot from what I submitted originally to the moneyclaim site. Will Cobbetts' solicitors be there?? They wrote and asked me to send them the amended particulars of claim. Am I obliged to do this? Thanks in advance!
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