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  1. Nationwide apparently have been closing accounts a lot. However, the Ombudsman has fined another bank for an closing account as it was a retaliatory action, so maybe Nationwide will be bearing that in mind and changing their behaviour. Unfortunately, they may well withdraw your overdrafts, but if they do complain to the ombudsman as that would surely also be a purely retaliatory action.
  2. Yes, my mistake: you can claim compound interest, but not the statutory interest. However, you will need to know what interest rate you were being charged at the time you were unfairly charged, then add that up. As Smile inconveniently apply their charges on the 21st of the month, it usually meant a few days of interest being charged up to pay day for me so wouldn't have amounted to enough for me to spend a day or so working it out, but that is a personal choice.
  3. Okay, best go back to the basics: your bank has taken money from you unlawfully and you want to get it back. Have you received a bundle of statements detailing all the transactions on your account for the past 6 years yet? This will have been sent to you in response to your Subject Access Request. If not, wait until you have that. If you do have it, you need to find all the unfair charges they have made. If you are not sure what counts as an unfair charge. Let us know what the abbreviation is on your statement and I'll hazard a guess. From my own claim, unfair charges included: DAILY EXCESS CHARGE FEES SERVICE CHARGE COMMISSION You will need to take off any ADJ COMMISSION entries as these are refunded unfair charges (e.g. they may have repaid you some charges at some time). Make use of the excellent spreadsheets set up by Vampira available here. The one I used was the 3a Before court without interest as I understand it to be the case that you can only claim the 8% Statutory Interest when you take it to court, and I considered the amount of Contractual Interest to be negligible compared to the rest of the claim, and too much hassle to bother with. Contractual interest is the rate of interest they will have charged you for going overdrawn to pay the unfair charges. If you want to claim that, you will need to find out what the rate of interest for overdrafts was over time. Once you have your spreadsheet completed, check it by going backwards through all your statements (not necessary, but I did this for peace of mind that I hadn't missed or duplicated anything) then print a copy for the bank, use the Preliminary approach for repayment template to make a letter to claim back your charges, and send the letter and spreadsheet to the bank. I sent by recorded delivery, again for peace of mind. I was refunded pretty swiftly, with the full amount paid into my account without any resistance from the bank, so you should be fine. Hope this helps!
  4. You can only claim the interest if you go to court, is my understanding, and as they have repaid the monies owed you have nothing to take them to court for. Bit of a pain that, but I think that's the way it is.
  5. Hurrah! Just checked my account and can see the full amount claimed has been paid into it.
  6. I think the Statute of Limitations will give you no legal ground to claim charges any further back than 6 years from the time you make your claim to the bank. You can still claim, but you will have no legal grounds to recover the money. Saying that, is worth checking with other people in case I have the wrong understanding of the law
  7. Hi Ben, Can't answer the question regards refusing to pay out, but I haven't seen anything to say they have. Regards how long, I'm in the process of reclaiming from Smile. The documents (the last 6 years statements) they were required to send me as a result of my SAR - arrived today - exactly 40 days after they received my request. Other reports from other customers say they tend to settle up within 4-5 weeks of the request for repayment, so add another 35 days to that. So you're looking at around 70 - 80 days from the day you send your SAR. You can find the spreadsheets in the sections at the very top of this forum - they are in the bank templates section (or click here to go straight to them). That should give you a link to here where Vampiress has kindly put up all the spreadsheets you could ever need as Google spreadsheets. Hope that helps and good luck!
  8. And the bundle of statements arrived this morning. Total penalty charges: £2004.25. Letter requesting payment: sent.
  9. I can send you my spreadsheet if that's of any help?
  10. Congratulations! Not sure how seeing your bum managed to move things along, but must have helped Have a happy Xmas!
  11. Good going, Tomasz! Keep on keeping on and let us know how it goes.
  12. No data supplied as yet so am preparing a notice of action to apply for a court to order them to supply the data, ready to be posted Tuesday night...
  13. Letter from Co-op Bank dated 5th October received confirming receipt of SAR and payment, and that the data will be supplied within 40 days of the letter. That makes it 14th November at the latest. Hopefully get this all wrapped up in time for Christmas!
  14. Update: Royal Mail tell me the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letter was delivered on 2nd October. That gives Smile until 11th November to reply. Hopefully will get this all resolved before Xmas.
  15. So here goes... I sent my Subject Access Request on 29th Sept. to get the records so that I can find out just how much they've unfairly charged me. Looking over the past 18 months statements online I can see there's been nearly £1,000 in that period alone. It'll be interesting to see just how much there's been in the past 6 years.
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